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  1. 1. Research MPL as soon as possible if you don't want your research process to become a huge PITA after you get close to more expensive technologies. 2. You can use physical time warp in space too.
  2. man, that sucks my orbit is almost circular, just look at periapsis and aproapsis numbers in kerbal engineer infos looks like it was a bad idea to aerobrake with asteroid, RIP jeb
  3. So I've got this baby aerobraking on Kerbin. It has got two chute modules with 8 drogue and 8 regular chutes on each. Drogue chutes are set to deploy as early as possible. The problem is that it crashes on Kerbin surface with all chutes staged (with blue-on-red icons on staging panel) but not deployed. None of them is even destroyed until crash - they simply don't work. What am I doing wrong?
  4. nevermind everyone, i've just changed the name of my joystick to something that doesn't contain buggy symbols afbw werks as expected it isn't as convenient as i thought it would be i think i'll continue using keyboard
  5. Tried that, hangs on "loading..." when I enter flight mode from tracking station. (upd: SDL_DYNAMIC_API fixes that but then it turns out that the game won't launch at all because of some weird regression in unity3d https://issuetracker.unity3d.com/issues/linux-crash-in-unityengine-dot-input-dot-getjoysticknames-when-controllers-with-comma-in-name-are-plugged-in ; i guess i'll just stick with mouse until next version of ksp)
  6. Judging by what I see, this problem exists for quite an amount of time and is still not fixed. Joysticks are not recognized, or maybe are recognized but are not configurable... many different cases. Did devs give comments on that? Is that KSP or Unity fault? Do I have to wait for the fix patiently or maybe it's better to throw out my gamepad and use mouse like in the good old times?