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  1. I saw that the old parts are still in the folder, I wish I knew how to config the mod to use only those and ignore the new parts, their addition was unexpected and unwelcome when upgrading the game. Am unable to dedicate sufficient brainpower to learning how to use the new parts at the moment, am trying to get myself back into the game after being too ill to use it for two years, and any excessive complication just makes it that much harder to play.
  2. Something happened with KAS, I still get the "open inventory" sounds, and when it's supposed to be open the part-dragging UI appears, but the actual inventory is missing.. It doesn't seem hidden under any other menu in VAB, I have no idea what is happening.
  3. I'm definitely interested, and saved the .cfg file manually. Have started a savegame in a 1.7.3 build, and yesterday updated everything to work with 1.10.1, to discover that SCANsat became a monstrosity in the intervening years - instead of the straightforward parts I was working with before all the features I needed are now spread over multiple parts, and I have to send engineering missions to upgrade my SCANset ships. Found the change very confusing, and considering downgrading to avoid the unnecessary headaches. Do you know what was the last version to use the simple 3 parts of SCA
  4. I came here to post that I have the same problem. While looking up what I need to post to ask support (logs, etc) I discovered that I missed installing a dependency (wasn't needed by x_Science before @linuxgurugamer took over the mod). I installed SpaceTuxLibrary and now x_Science works. You seem to have it installed though.
  5. Northernmost lake near the ocean has a tiny Water biome which extends over the ice shelf. It provides all the "Landed at Water" science experiments.
  6. Fresh install of KSP 1.7.3, installed mods manually following listed dependencies. TAC Fuel Balancer doesn't appear in either the Stock or Blizzy toolbar. Made sure that the TAC and dependencies versions (TAC, ToolbarController, ClickThroughBlocker are correct, not sure what else to do to make it work..
  7. Been through a series of installs and reinstalls with multiple KSP versions, now downgraded to 1.6.1 to work with most of my mods. Somewhere along the line, something happened with QuickHide - it now spawns a new set (with new id) of entries for installed mods every time there's a scene change, requiring manual update of the hide settings every time one switches from VAB to Flight and vice-versa. Has anyone else encountered this? QuickHide Config.txt content: [moderator snip]
  8. Thank you for figuring it out, will try that if I go back to 1.8 at any point (downgraded to 1.6.1, most of my favourite mods are broken in 1.8 and even the stock version cleanly installed crashes at random moments). ckan had no mods openly listed as compatible with 1.8. Was also not asking for sympathy or support, only knowledge sharing if someone had encountered the issue. Post can be closed now.
  9. On PC, using mods but none for staging, and none which would have had this auto-hiding effect in any previous KSP version. To be fair I haven't booted stock 1.8, used ckan to install some of the mods that had been modified to work with 1.7.9.
  10. How do I stop the staging UI from auto-hiding in flight mode? Can't find any setting, and it's extra work to move the mouse to unhide it every time I want to see what comes next in a complex multi-stage launch. Haven''t played in about a year and there seem to have been some changes to how the game works.
  11. I do, yes please, that would be awesome to have, for multiple reasons: - for the same reason why KSP has cheats, testing some features require repeated reproduction of specific conditions. For example, there's little more sapping from the fun of the game than when I have to do an atmospheric launch every time I'm trying to test how a large space station, or an interplanetary craft, is balanced, or which way the docking ports are facing, and so on, especially if I'm intentionally in Sandbox mode to test a design. The "cheat to orbit" option has helped me reduce a lot of frustration, as di
  12. I understand, and it's why I use KSPIE instead of other warp modes (along with all the extra functionality it brings). What I meant is that the way I am able to manually guesstimate kinda what orbit I'll get out at based on ship heading, warp speed, time spent in warp, and starting orbital coordinates (including speed), and come out to around the apoapsis+periapsis that I expected, the calculation could conceivably be automated by KSPIE. I do not understand the math, or the coding necessary, just having the intuitive feeling that the sequence of moves I make could be automated into a rea
  13. But the game can calculate your exit orbit in realtime during a jump, at least when using a different warp mod This standalone Alcubierre Drive mod has this feature (as well as linking your drive acceleration to the main controls), see here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sW5Yi2aNeZY Can the same functionality be added to KSPIE?
  14. I still have the above quoted question - what is the reason for not having orbit calculations during Warp Jump? Bug, intentional feature, or missing functionality?
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