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  1. I do, yes please, that would be awesome to have, for multiple reasons: - for the same reason why KSP has cheats, testing some features require repeated reproduction of specific conditions. For example, there's little more sapping from the fun of the game than when I have to do an atmospheric launch every time I'm trying to test how a large space station, or an interplanetary craft, is balanced, or which way the docking ports are facing, and so on, especially if I'm intentionally in Sandbox mode to test a design. The "cheat to orbit" option has helped me reduce a lot of frustration, as did the having mechjeb for boring repetitive missions, since I test my designs in sandbox repeatedly in a lot of detail before using them with financial consequences in Career mode (as this would be in a realtime scenario, a lot of person-hours would be spent modeling fail scenarios to a six-sigma level of certainty); - realism, a meatspace mission in interplanetary space would have automation capable of handling nearly everything, and heavily automated UI and HUD elements, to amplify, assist, and manage human cognitive abilities and limitations. This is done already to a great extent today in realworld applications. A pilot receives training to navigate without instruments in case the plane's battery dies (along with a lot of other fail scenarios), but that doesn't mean the pilot has to always navigate without assistive instruments. Even though I know which landscape markers to follow to find the airfield I took off from, I still appreciate that the second plane model I trained on had GPS installed, after many times leaving for training flights to the same permitted flyzone - the nearby international airport clogged all the airspace in the area, the surroundings got really monotonous after a while; - accessibility: I've learned to play Kerbal while managing PTSD, and not being very functional (able to focus or intake complex information). KSP had stock tools, and extra mods, that allowed me assistance in learning the parts of the game that I wasn't too intellectually deficient to understand, and during a long process of a year or more learning enough about the basics of the game, practical orbital mechanics, mass distribution, and all the other primary and ancillary skills necessary to fully enjoy the game. I made my game progressively more and more difficult, took on greater and greater challenges, because I had the ability to have it easy at the beginning when I couldn't handle more; - kinda connected to the above point, I'm interested in playing or creating a roleplaying mod if there isn't one. I would like the idea of being able to take the mechanics of KSP for a spin into a larger universe, where it would be possible for someone to be an AI assisted wanderer, or an engineering minded in-system or inter-system professional. Technically even in science fiction movies the pilots making things look too easy were conceivably trained in how to do stuff completely without automation, or had the option of picking it up with a lot of automation.
  2. I understand, and it's why I use KSPIE instead of other warp modes (along with all the extra functionality it brings). What I meant is that the way I am able to manually guesstimate kinda what orbit I'll get out at based on ship heading, warp speed, time spent in warp, and starting orbital coordinates (including speed), and come out to around the apoapsis+periapsis that I expected, the calculation could conceivably be automated by KSPIE. I do not understand the math, or the coding necessary, just having the intuitive feeling that the sequence of moves I make could be automated into a realtime display of potential exit orbits - doesn't even need to be exact, jumping to another star and circularizing gives you leeway of at least a few billion kilometers without hitting the star or other large objects.
  3. But the game can calculate your exit orbit in realtime during a jump, at least when using a different warp mod This standalone Alcubierre Drive mod has this feature (as well as linking your drive acceleration to the main controls), see here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sW5Yi2aNeZY Can the same functionality be added to KSPIE?
  4. I still have the above quoted question - what is the reason for not having orbit calculations during Warp Jump? Bug, intentional feature, or missing functionality?
  5. Yep, found the video but getting lost in applying the details to my own flight.
  6. I have engines to circularize classically, but want to learn how to use the warp drive. I still don't understand what you mean, none of my jumps to other planets decelerated me significantly. I end up with hyperbolic orbits, and apparently I do not understand enough about orbits to get how to correct them - using maneuver nodes doesn't help, as I seem to just make things worse and worse until I need to reload and try again. Also don't understand why all my indicators go off when in warp mode, as well as the nav ball becoming useless - there's way too little information presented in the Warp Drive info window to effectively navigate by (for me). Particularly since there are no orbits displayed even in map mode while jumping - see in screenshot, all I see is a straight line (1), even though the end result when turning off the warp drive is a curved orbit (2). (1) (2)
  7. Can this tutorial be expanded/detailed? https://wiki.kerbalspaceprogram.com/wiki/Tutorial:_interplanetary_warp It's really hard to follow, and unclear in points.. At the moment not having any trajectory calculations during Alcubierre Drive warp, only seeing a straight line projected in the direction the ship jumped, with trajectories appearing again when I turn off the drive. Makes circularizing around planets really difficult.
  8. 1. Running 1.6.1, none of the outer planets mods seem to be updated past 1.5.9, but I'll try them out anyway. Assuming I'll need a new save to test after installing them. 3. Installed, now joints don't break anymore, discovering new and more interesting ways to explodinate my probes. Thank you <3 Thank you, accidentally discovered it as well by docking two ships and suddenly noticing that the telescope was operational.
  9. Hiya, been playing around with KSPIE, loving it so far. Having a few questions: 1. are there other star systems to explore by default, or do I have to install a mod especially for it, and to create a new save? 2. where is that bloody Helium Cryostat? I searched and looked through all parts, there's none named Helium Cryostat anywhere. There are Cryo containers that can be set to carry Liquid Helium3, but the Telescope still complains about not having any Helium cooling despite it being attached. 3. random structural linkages break during most Jumps, especially at high c - I have KJR installed, and using autostruts, could either of these affect the breaks?
  10. I have no problem or complaint, loving the mod so much - the ability to repair and modify ships in orbit should be default if aiming for realism. Thank you for the hard work in creating and maintaining it!
  11. [thought I was editing but instead made a new post, oops] Found another frustrating technicality: where in stock tourists paying for sub-orbital flights would be happy if they got an orbital flight instead (thus allowing me to combine sub- and orbital contracts in the same ship), Tourism+ tourists will not pay if they end up in orbit, even if the altitude is near what they asked for and they get to pass over the points they asked to visit (see screenshot below). These tourists were loaded on the ship at the launchpad through the Tourism+ prompt before launch. Are these issues editable in any way in some .cfg?
  12. Having a problem where the new contracts do not recognize the people having been brought into orbit at all (see screenshot below). Reading this forum topic makes me think the problem is that I did not load the tourists from the launchpad (loaded them from the vab as I load all my crew), and didn't get the notification window asking me who to load while on the launchpad. Why was this requirement implemented, and is it possible to disable it while still keeping the mod installed? My only other recourse is to uninstall, really frustrating going the effort to put people into space just for a technicality making it all irrelevant (particularly as I'm currently close to 0 funds and can't afford another mission to make money out of).