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    [1.6+] Kerbal Inventory System (KIS) v1.18

    I have no problem or complaint, loving the mod so much - the ability to repair and modify ships in orbit should be default if aiming for realism. Thank you for the hard work in creating and maintaining it!
  2. [thought I was editing but instead made a new post, oops] Found another frustrating technicality: where in stock tourists paying for sub-orbital flights would be happy if they got an orbital flight instead (thus allowing me to combine sub- and orbital contracts in the same ship), Tourism+ tourists will not pay if they end up in orbit, even if the altitude is near what they asked for and they get to pass over the points they asked to visit (see screenshot below). These tourists were loaded on the ship at the launchpad through the Tourism+ prompt before launch. Are these issues editable in any way in some .cfg?
  3. Having a problem where the new contracts do not recognize the people having been brought into orbit at all (see screenshot below). Reading this forum topic makes me think the problem is that I did not load the tourists from the launchpad (loaded them from the vab as I load all my crew), and didn't get the notification window asking me who to load while on the launchpad. Why was this requirement implemented, and is it possible to disable it while still keeping the mod installed? My only other recourse is to uninstall, really frustrating going the effort to put people into space just for a technicality making it all irrelevant (particularly as I'm currently close to 0 funds and can't afford another mission to make money out of).
  4. Alright, thank you. Hasn't happened to me since then, despite no changes in mod loadout. I'll just redo whenever it happens.
  5. TanoPrime

    [1.6+] Kerbal Inventory System (KIS) v1.18

    Sad. I guess I'll have to deal with it by bringing extra light everywhere. Since I have your attention - having another problem: I can't seem to find any way of attaching a heatshield to a craft, whenever I try the indicator is red (indifferent of the attach node selection). This seems to happen with any round object (round batteries, reaction wheels), and also with probe cores. Is attaching circular-ish objects supposed to be possible with the mod? Am I missing some tech upgrade? (I only unlocked the wrench so far)
  6. TanoPrime

    [1.6+] Kerbal Inventory System (KIS) v1.18

    Thank you for making and maintaining this mod, it's so far awesome. Having one tangential problem with it - in the last few hours of testing the mod I've started to develop deep and abiding hatred toward the ******* tooltip used when attaching objects. Particularly my problem is with the font spacing and the really dark background - the combination makes it nearly impossible to figure out for some parts where they will be placed, unless I spend a lot of time fiddling with the camera angle. Both a lighter (or transparent) tooltip background, or text lines wider apart would make things easier. Is there some setting somewhere where I can edit this?
  7. Not sure how to attach files to the forum, is it enough if I paste the .craft contents below? ^ there
  8. Seen in a few videos a mod in use which added rocks and trees and such on planetary surfaces. Unfortunately I can't remember what the mod was called or what the videos were, and Google (or forum) search is completely useless, indifferent of the search terms used it keeps pointing me to totally different topics (adding planets, or parts, etc). Can someone please point me to the mod in question, this is driving me crazy with frustration..
  9. Problem: 4 radially symmetric tanks somehow drain at different fuel priorities Description: have main fuel tank > pick up decoupler, switch on radial symmetry, set to 4 times attach decoupler to main tank enable decoupler crossfeed pick up smaller fuel tank, symmetry still set as radial 4 times attach small tank to decoupler, 1 becomes 4 enable fuel delivery overlay = despite the fuel tanks being identical due to 4 times radial symmetry, their fuel priority is different: > the ones on VAB East and South (2 on the left in the attached image) are at prio 70, while North and West are at prio 60.. >increasing the fuel priority to the 60 ones also increases the fuel priority to the 70 ones, as seen in the screenshot. ..I don't understand what is happening. Of course I can just disable symmetry and attach all decouplers and tanks 1 by 1, even though that just increases the likelihood of wobble during flight, so be it. But the problem still doesn't make sense based on what I've learned about the game so far.. is there some auto priority balancing happening based on something else in the rest of the craft? I've already checked all the staging and possible balance issues in the rest of the ship, and everything seems fine, there's nothing the game would need to automatically re-balance for. Help? Screenshot:
  10. TanoPrime

    [1.4] Routine Mission Manager [v032]

    Thanks for this awesome mod! Loved using it for refueling. ^ problem was not a problem, should've read the manual ..though to be fair the mod shouldn't allow setting preferred crew if the total onboard crew is set to 0, then further on show those preferred crew in the Ordered Missions roster before delivering an empty ship. > still, used the empty ships for recovery missions, so all's well that ends well.
  11. TanoPrime

    Fuel not delivered from radial tanks

    Thank you @Geonovast ! Enabling crossfeed works on other decouplers without the fuel systems tech, but I can kinda understand the logic of it. Alright, not worrying about it anymore then, will figure out some other way of making it work - maybe try to accomplish less per single mission, this got complicated due to wanting in the same mission to send up 3 tourists, have deltaV to spare for two stranded kerbal recovery missions, and to deploy both a long range probe and a keosync relay sat.
  12. Making a (probably over-complicated) ship, and would like to attach more fuel on the side (rocket is already tall enough to nearly be unwieldy). However, it appears that my engine doesn't feed from the tanks attached with the TT38K radial decoupler (tested also in flight). Google and forum searches tell that radial decouplers have crossfeed enabled by default (and indeed it's not possible to toggle this option from the part menu). Any idea what the problem might be? Screenshot: