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  1. If I install this mod, launch some colorized craft, and uninstall the mod for some reason, will the colorized craft still work in my save? I know that with some mods it breaks the craft if the mod isn't present..
  2. KSP has started crashing to desktop when I change to a new scene - Spaceplane Hangar, Tracking Station, new ship, etc. The crashes aren't very frequent, and they started around the time that I enabled Extra Launchpads but I don't know if this is connected (bought the DLCs and wanted to use their features into a previously existing savegame). Why are these crashes happening? Logs provided here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/90of0666b90k0xz/220729-1353 hangar crash.zip?dl=0
  3. Does the ground anchor allow for docking craft to planetary bodies? Ex, placing a ground anchor plus a docking port on Gilly, docking an ISRU craft to it to refuel.
  4. Thank you, I'll be careful to mark which vehicles have BV part to keep them separate from anything else, in case I stop using the mod.
  5. I have the same problem - have any of the solutions posted in this thread worked for you?
  6. What happens if I add the Bon Voyage controller to a rover, then uninstall the Bon Voyage mod - does my rover disappear or get broken? Can I still open it in VAB?
  7. Oh, that's disappointing.. When I connect with a claw it works to directly refill the tanks of the connected craft, instead of having to transfer resources myself.
  8. Thank you, I didn't know you can transfer resources without docking.. Would an ISRU setup still work without docking? The drills and converter are on one craft, the fuel tanks to be filled are on the other craft.
  9. Having a problem with connecting two vessels landed on Eve. When setting my RTS to DOCKED mode the smaller craft gets thrown into the air and breaks on impact. Video is here:
  10. Thank you for creating KerbalX and Craft Manager!

  11. Having a problem with Waterfall, reproducible so far only with the Mammoth engine - during the first part of ascent the plume becomes visible through the craft, and later the plume disappears completely. See video for details: https://imgur.com/BKxUuSm
  12. How can I uninstall specific effects, is it sufficient to remove the relevant file and restart the game? I do not enjoy the RCS Thruster effects and would like to uninstall them.
  13. Stock you can only set action groups while in the VAB/SPH, no? Or did I miss some in-flight menu? As to why I needed the mod - I docked two complex craft who had action groups, and when I undocked them both of them lost some of their action groups. I wanted to add them again. I uninstalled the mod, it makes all my craft action groups unusable at the moment. The mod itself works ok otherwise.
  14. Oh no.. I installed a mod due to having forgotten an action group for a vessel, and now all the action groups on all my tens of vessels are broken - they activate and deactivate at the same time.
  15. Right Alt + T brought up the GUI, and was able to start the mod. Will test it in a few hours. Thank you!
  16. The Trajectories mod config window only appears for a fraction of a second when a new scene is loaded. The mod's icon is also missing from the toolbar. Any easy fix? Is there an action key that can bring the Trajectories config window into view? Logs available on request.
  17. Having a flickering in the atmo of Kerbin, I got it down to some sort of interaction between Scatterer and Parallax (it goes away if I uninstall either one). Visible here. What could be causing the issue, and can it be fixed without having to give up one of the mods?
  18. I understand what you mean, and agree with you - with most games I don't bother, but stuff like KSP I get emotionally involved with, and tend to deal badly with some game-breaking bug preventing me from progressing in a save. It's easier to stay on a known release until all the bugs were ironed out from the bleeding edge (and all mods were updated). Will now probably try to get as far as possible with my current savegame, then start a new one in a few months with 1.11 or whatever version it will be up to then.
  19. I tend to stay 1-2 versions behind the bleeding edge in any game that I invest a lot of time in. For KSP specifically, I'm not sure that all the mods I use that I find indispensable have been updated to 1.11 yet.
  20. @IgorZ- That was the problem, I installed KIS v1.26 and now the inventory window opens.. What's the latest version made for KSP 1.10? Would 1.27 work too?
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