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  1. Stock robotics modify mesh transforms to get the animations and the last time I tried (1.7) there was no simple way to check if parts were moving or not. Animations that use common field names are automatically handled by FAR unless disabled through MM. IR uses uses builtin Unity functionality to update voxelization. FAR has no support for any propellers, it only handles thin wings and body aerodynamics. foreach (PartModule m in part.Modules) { FindAnimStatesInModule(animations, m, "animationName"); FindAnimStatesInModule(animations, m, "animationStateName"); FindAnimStatesInModule(animations, m, "animName"); FindAnimStatesInModule(animations, m, "deployAnimationName"); } Regarding voxelization of animated parts, I think the current implementation can be vastly improved using job system which significantly simplifies writing multithreaded code with dependencies. FAR uses multiple threads to voxelize but writes to same memory locations from them and reference objects add unnecessary indirections in some places. I think voxelization can be redone with partial volume update support for animations and possibly lower memory usage.
  2. The concept of a point center of lift is wrong. In reality there are infinite number of those points all on a line that lift acts through. The choice of center of lift is arbitrary which in FAR is most likely chosen to lie on a principal axis hence why you don't see it going up or down. The entire CoL calculation is done in
  3. WindTunnel does not work with FAR since its simulation methods are not exposed in the API. In the current implementation, simulation is not thread safe so even exposing it would not make much difference as it would take too long to simulate all the points.
  4. No way to specify currently but I want to rewrite FAR to work with the job system (and burst if KSP ever uses it) so maybe in the future
  5. Partly, some animations cause voxelization to be recomputed which is then used to update shape parameters. Voxelization takes multiple frames to compute so it can't be used in real time in its current state, there may be improvements with jobs (and Burst when KSP includes its binaries). For this reason continuously moving parts should not trigger voxelization. FAR does not compute airflow, it's not a CFD, and the effects computed are only approximations, you might have different mileage with deep stall. You can't just set every part to wing and expect it to work out of the box. Wings use lifting line theory approximation which assumes wings are thin and requires shape parameters to be set. In VAB/SPH you can visualize voxels, in flight you can display force arrows and tint parts by lift, drag and stall.
  6. It should use colliders as default but you can change the behaviour with `forceUseColliders` or `forceUseMeshes`. You will have to enable debug voxels in game to see if it works or not. You might need to set `rebuildOnAnimation` to `true` in case the voxels don't update on animations.
  7. Lifting body comes from accounting for the shape of the vehicle Yeah, FAR not only has to calculate lift of each wing part but also account for interactions between each wing. The code is a bit of a spaghetti mess in this area.
  8. It will be fixed on ReStock end. If you want faster support, you need to provide better information.
  9. If you want support you will need to provide logs, MM cache and steps to reproduce.
  10. Actually there's something else going on with AssemblyLoader, Scale_Redist is loaded fine but it still throws errors. AssemblyLoader might be trying to load it multiple times.
  11. Seems like FAR works fine on 1.8 so here it is: Ferram Aerospace Research v0.15.11.3 "Mach" Update to MM 4.1.0 Update to MFI Update to KSP 1.8 (thanks @lukecologne) Update shaders to Unity 2019.2 Update .NET to 4.8 InstallChecker now runs instantly instead of waiting for main menu This release won't work with KSP <1.8 due to shaders
  12. All currently available releases are for KSP 1.4-1.7, you can try 1.8 version from