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  1. @cmet24 I think this fits FAR goal perfectly, would something like FARWind work for pressure and temperature? I could extend FARWind to be a generic atmosphere model albeit it wouldn't be called FARWind at that point.
  2. Ferram Aerospace Research v0.16.0.1 "Mader" Resized (again) toolbar icon to 64x64 All meshes in TransparentFX layer are ignored for voxelization, previously only visible non-skinned meshes had this check (f6a005d) Improve async config loading and saving (9e67b32) Enable debug voxels in flight mode (5560079) with: @FARConfig:FINAL { @Voxelization { %debugInFlight = true } }
  3. With just WBI and MOLE I can't reproduce the issue. Can you try running with the following MM patch? @FARConfig:FINAL { @Debug { %logLevel = debug } } It will give more info on what FAR is working on when KSP crashes. Also, a comparison between logs with old and new FAR may give additional clues to what is going wrong.
  4. I will need more information than just a screenshot, at least provide KSP.log, please.
  5. Ferram Aerospace Research v0.16.0.0 "Mader" Update to MM 4.1.4 Update to KSP 1.10 Added more config options (see FARConfig.cfg): Additional log messages can be enabled Log FAR flight variables to text file Debug voxels are now colored by part (customizable) Removed FARGUIColors.cfg and integrated it into FARConfig.cfg Added new DLL FerramAerospaceResearch.Base.dll which is independent of KSP Unchanged configs should no longer be saved to new files Update Chinese localization (thanks @tinygrox, #88) Workaround for KSPUpgradeP
  6. Check out dev branch, stability derivatives and a few other buttons are now disabled while voxelization is active.
  7. Re launching vessels from SPH/VAB compared to revert to launch, can you try FAR from dev branch? FAR was voxelizing parts too eagerly, before KSP was done with disabling unused models like engine fairings on scene changes so it was working fine on return to launch. FAR now waits for physics to kick in before voxelizing so it should no longer voxelize what you can't see. Launch clamps will be mostly ignored in editor in the next release, there's still a barely noticeable effect on stability derivative values left that I'm not sure where it comes from. For now, you can use the dev branch
  8. Triangles can be anywhere in space so every triangle would need to be checked, this quickly becomes too expensive. And FAR needs to know the filled/shielded volume which plain triangles can't give.
  9. It's KSP updating their crafts as the traceback suggests. FAR replaces all ModuleControlSurface with its own PartModule, that's why you get NREs. It's a bug with KSP and not FAR, they should have really added a null check in their code since they allow modifications of part modules. There are 2 workarounds I can think of: Load the craft in pre-1.8 KSP version with FAR and save it Replace all ModuleControlSurface with MODULE { name = FARControllableSurface isEnabled = True pitchaxis = 100 yawaxis = 0 rollaxis = 100 pitchaxisDueToAoA = 0 brakeRudder = 0 maxdeflect = 6
  10. New config system should coming in the next release but in any case configs without changes should not be output. I can compare the config node string with the last saved/loaded string to determine if any values have changed in game. That should prevent MM from creating patches a second time.
  11. Thanks, I'll add a fix some time soon. In the mean time you can run KSP from a batch/bash script which deletes CustomFARAeroData.cfg before starting KSP. Use del (batch) or rm (bash) commands to remove the file.
  12. So, I've been playing around with jobs system for voxelization and figured out how FAR voxelization works since it has no comments and questionable variable names. For every triangle in the mesh: Choose shell voxelization plane based on largest normal component Transform triangle into voxel index space Calculate triangle plane equation in index space For every index pair bounded by the triangle in voxelization plane Solve for the last index from the plane equation Fill the voxel if The 3d index is inside triangle (barycentric coordinat
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