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  1. Update #1ive managed to change the scale of the default wing parts to 40 (4000% in tweakscale) and have managed to desighn the arsenal bird pretty far, althoe it takes about 1hr to load it in on the runaway even with just 40 drones on it, im thinking about welding the drone into 1 part but what do you guys think? Also i need still to desighn the dish thingy atop the arsenal bird (im thinking in putting an AWCS radar but tweakscaling it up to max. I will post some pics, if i dont loose my sanity in the thing exploding on the runaway after waiting 1hr to load it in. Hopefully it wil
  2. Hmm, i will look into changing the default part scale into another one. I tried with procedural wings but still they are too small. Thank you, i will see if i manage to change them to post the wings as an add-on for all of you to download
  3. Ive been trying to make the Arsenal Bird from the Upcoming Ace Combat 7, the thing is using twealscale even with the largest value of 400% the wing parts are way way way too small for it. I dont want it to have over 10k parts (i.already made the drones for it but by my calculations it will have over 3500 parts just in the 80 drones, and i dont have a NASA supercomputer in my basement to run a craft like that. I could change the tweakscale modifier to include 5000% scale but i still want to publish the craft on KerbalX for all of you to enjoy it still and play with it. So im placing a req
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