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  1. For the next update I suggest making the propellers on propeller engines "break off" if they reach a certain speed, especially the early tech ones. They're not really built to go beyond 500 mph.
  2. I am getting a disproportional amount of orbital drift for each vessel I launch into space. After restarting the game with that vessel in orbit, the orbital drift goes away permanently for that and any other vessels currently in orbit if they had any. It makes satellite contracts and rendezvous missions completely impossible. Log: Mods:
  3. By now the log file is gone as I have removed them. I just wanted to let you know about it & its probably a conflict with EEX. I also loathe file sharing services, but that's not the point
  4. It would be, if my web browser didn't crash when I tried to paste it into a spoiler. Sorry, I can't do it.
  5. To mod creator Cyrotanks causes each fuel tank to be unable to be placed radially unless using no or 2x symmetry. This is likely due to an incompatibility with Editor Extensions Redux. The single fuel tank displayed despite having 3x or more symmetry enabled will be opaque but darkened, cause horrible freezing (once every quarter of a second, for a second, each), and cannot be placed. When using 2x symmetry, the fuel tank will be symmetric about the parent part, for example, a radial decoupler, which means the other tank will be clipping inside of the main one or whatever the decoupler's
  6. Go ahead and delete this thread. I should've just gone ahead and deleted cyrotanks before making it.
  7. I cannot give a KSP.log file. The file is too large and it crashes my browser when I try to paste it, spoiler or not.
  8. I just installed planetary bases systems, Near Future Tech, cyro rockets, and all the other stuff that Nertea makes, which come bundled with a bunch of probably outdated config mods like b9 part switch, dynamic battery storage, etc. I am in 1.5.1. Have a feeling it's because of the b9 part switch thing that lets me modify the tanks' contents conflicting with something. I don't know how to make it stop. It stopped randomly once but it's happening again. It might be a hotkey that toggles this behavior. It's also freezing a lot, once every 0.25 seconds, staying frozen for a full second, as I hove
  9. Awesome that Kopernicus is still up to date, but a problem that has plagued me for too long is that I don't know how to make EVE configs for the cool new planets I make. Can somebody help me with this? I know this isn't the right thread but it's somewhat related to Kopernicus and I really want to know. I can't make sense of the outer planets visual overhaul and that's the only thing I can find.
  10. Does anyone know of any tutorials for making our own EVE configs and textures? Or would we have to copy them from other mods?
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