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  1. New update currently being uploaded ^-^ -Removed Scatterer.dll from files (install normally now) -Required scatterer version is newest experimental version (Yes there is a new version, 0.0767) -Added a new system, with 3 planets and 5 planned, possibly more. -Minor scatterer tweaks
  2. Yes. It adds a star named Beeb's star orbiting Kerbol from a far distance, preserving the stock planets and supplying visuals alongside with the new planets.
  3. Uploaded a version which preserves the Stock system by request of @Shbibe [UNTESTED, BUGS MAY OCCUR]
  4. I play test all my mods in Career before i release them, so its whatever you generally prefer. Esmuth has 0.3g's of gravity, somewhere around 900 m/s Its easy to get into homeworld orbit, but interplanetary makes up for this.
  5. don't download it yet lmao i forgot to add a biome map to it so its an exception on startup
  6. Billions of years after the universe has died, The Kerbals have opened an anomaly to this new universe. Before the dawn of life has occured, they crash land on Esmuth. Here they must start anew, and take back the stars. Compatabilities Notes -Yes Esmuth is uninhabitable -Install MakingLessHistory for gamebreaking bugfixes (like unable to return to space center) Known Bugs Esmuth will appear blue and shiny. Delete Stock Kerbin's scatterer config. (This shouldn't happen anymore, but leaving it just in case.) (reported by @Heliocentric) Instructions
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