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  1. Sorry for the spam lol, but No Bounds will not receive any updates from now on until it is getting the full release. I just dont have time to update both versions and I hope for you all to see the newest version very soon!
  2. Download link temporarily nonfuctional. Updating in progress. Update V0.2: Spaced out orbits, Confirmed compatibility with OPM. Fixed specularity issues. Download link restored.
  3. Howdy. hey yeah, if any of yall wanna... playtest my soon-to-be fully released mod... :flushed: now you can! If you want to... that is. :flushed: (my other planet pack was bad, i think i owe something decent for that existing) Alright enough with the cringe SUPPORT: EVE AND SCATTERER Planned support: SIGMA REPLACEMENTS: SKYBOX PLANETARY GUIDE (spoilers!!! :face-vomiting:) DOWNLOAD:https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/10yJD7_1iwvTE6RTlB46CvBSJ05tZlM9y?usp=sharing (SCATTERER NOW MERGED IN DOWNLOAD) No Bounds is not compatible with any visual mods other than the ones pro
  4. Update soon! Whats included? scatterer files (forgot in release) Binary Gas Giant System!
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