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  1. https://i.imgur.com/7mL7XZh.mp4 Due to a change in how things will be teased, I will not give specifics on what this world is. This is to keep the surprise there when you first explore these new worlds.
  2. I can't seem to get a video to embed so: https://imgur.com/Q8h1gle https://imgur.com/AVIAzlu
  3. We have rebranded! The Klaniakea Supercluster is now Wabi Sabi (Planet pack), a principle for 'Perfect Imperfection.'
  4. This mod has been cancelled. I have lost the mod files. All is not lost, though! The Etor system will make a revamped return in the Klaniakea Supercluster! I hope to see you all there as this mod is rebirthed!
  5. If you'd like to write sciencedefs, I'd be glad to see what you can do! Dm me at smushanoob#4556 Also, thanks! Eve
  6. I'm gonna be a bit blunt here. These planets seem a bit low quality, but improvement is possible! Try to use shapemaps, higher detail craters, and reduce the lumpiness.
  7. A plugin they wrote for PDN, I don't know the specifics. Ask them.
  8. Appreciate it man! Special thanks to @Clonoswith this one! They generated the craters Vasper Ulo Sirius B
  9. Thanks! Sirius j - Ulo Minor fast-spinning oblate asteroid
  10. Beat me to it! Kerbin, the third planet in the Kerbolar system. Something is vaguely familiar about this third rock, but it feels different. Regardless, this planet has had an interesting developed past. It formed nearly 4 billion years ago, and since then has slowly but surely developed multicellular life, became lush, green and hospitable via introduction of nitrogen and carbon dioxide, then oxygen and water vapor into the atmosphere. Eventually, a species of flora on the planet emerged and became conscious of their consciousness, so the story goes. And now, nearly 200,000 years later this species, Kerbalkind, has gone quite far, yet the planet faces impending doom. After a period of mass-industrialization around 200 years ago, Kerbalkind began to pollute the atmosphere with particulate matter, sulfur dioxide, carbon dioxide and methane en masse. Dumping waste and trash into the oceans, exploiting natural resources on a global scale, exponentially increasing in efficiency annually. Now in the present day, in the age of resource wars, severe temperature irregularities, and severe climate shifts, some of Kerbin's governments are looking up rather than down at their feet. The distant Mun and Lun, the Haiarope Ring, and beyond hold promise of near limitless potential, resources, and prosperity. The question is, is it too late for Kerbin, Kerbalkind, or both? (written by @Bendy Snowball) Welcome to 2050 Kerbin.
  11. Klaniakea supercluster can work with Homeworld, because Klaniakea adds multiple star systems.
  12. I acknowledged this, but unfortunately I won't do this as this violates the entire lore and story of the mod
  13. Those scatters you made will be for Klaniakea right? But I forgot to add your credits, oopsies.
  14. Eve (In Klaniakea lore) is very turbulent and affected by Kerbol's gravity, resulting in high wind speeds and gas-giant like cloud patterns
  15. -20 social credit xP Wolf 359b - A sulfur world composed of Sulfur Dioxide, Methane, and chlorine. This gives it a bright yellow tint.
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