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  1. Hello ! I have the same issue. I can’t see anymore the parts I’m fixing (only the attachement point in some conditions). I noticed it happened when I upgraded from KIS 1.4 to 1.5. With KAS 1.5 & KIS 1.4, everything is Ok; but with KIS 1.5 the issue appears. Note I upgraded KAS a few days before KIS (removing the old folder before, etc). Downgrading back to KIS 1.4 fixes the issue. I am on KSP 1.5, running on Linux (and the parts that didn’t show come from the MKS mod, among others). (Sorry, I can’t provide screenshot nor logs, I just have my phone for a couple of days). However, thanks for your awesome work
  2. Hello everyone ! I have been reading the forum for several months, and I though that maybe I should register to finally participate too ! I have recently started to play with some life-support mods but I’m still a qualified newbie (never get further than a now connection-less probe around Duna )even if I bought the game some years ago. But hey, that’s what’s fun with this game : learning! So now I have introduced myself, I finally can bother some modders with my issues Good day everyone ! Ps: My poor vocabulary choices and grammar mystakes may come from the fact that English is not my mother tongue and that my autocorrect is constantly trying to prevent me from writting in an other language
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