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  1. Currently I plan to buy the game. From what we've seen so far I would definitely not boycott the game, especially out of respect for the developers. All these worry-posts without solid ground only serve to derail the developers, and I sincerely hope they find the peace and quiet they need to focus on their jobs.
  2. Maybe a stupid question.. but I've been scanning Duna with Scansat looking for biomes, and it only seems to be 4 different ones. Low, mid and highlands + ice caps. In vanilla it has like 14 different. Is Duna simplified or am I just blind?
  3. Hi there, I'm trying to troubleshoot an issue I have after updating RR to latest version. I had to update to make Kerbal Atomics work, but I'm getting this error even without Kerbal Atomics: Installed mods: Ah never mind, solved it. I should not have TankswitchExtras.cfg installed. Removing it fixed it for me.
  4. I did indeed have an older version of RR. Updating that, and installing kerbal atomics again, renders me this message upon game launch: ' Do I have wrong version of partswitcher, or lacking some extras from kerbal atomics? Tricky stuff Also, relevant log section, I think:
  5. I installed this and started having following problems: - NERV engine calculated dv wrong, sort of saying it had 1000ms delta v left while in reality it only accounted for 400ms. - NERV engine now has three engines in one (?), you can choose which one to activate. Not sure if intended or not. - My ksp.log got super hammered with error message: [EXC 22:23:09.671] NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object MultiModeEngine.get_normalizedOutput () ModuleAlternator.FixedUpdate () [EXC 22:23:09.689] NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object MultiModeEngine.get_isOperational () FXModuleThrottleEffects.FixedUpdate () Not using any of the extra patches. I removed the kerbalatomics mod from gamedata and it worked fine again. Not sure if I'm doing something wrong, maybe a collision with some other mod? Dump of my gamedata folder structure:
  6. Has there been any official word on multi-core cpu support for the new engine? I've tried to extrapolate the status from different interviews etc but it seems to be somewhere between a no and no comment.
  7. Space Theory, not Space Engine. Otherwise pretty spot on. 10/10.
  8. This mod is amazing, and I really feel it should've been a stock feature.
  9. Hello where are you from I'm from Sweden. Also - do you happen to know if there's anything like "launch profiles" for automatic delivery of vessels/parts? I know about orbital vab, but what the hey, might as well ask
  10. I'm running a 1.7.3 install, trying to get this mod started. I'm getting a B9PartSwitch Serious Warning upon game launch. Error message: Latest B9 and latest v of this mod. Any tips?
  11. Yes exactly, the answer is there in my text as well. I was replying to Avera9eJoe who said we had not heard anything about this.
  12. Q: What about the aero model? Will it be like KSP 1, or something more like FAR? A: We don't want to confuse players who are used to flying in KSP 1, so it'll have a very similar aero model.
  13. never constrained by money? The only time in career games when I've had total financial freedom was after going to Eeloo and bringing back several hundred tons of karborundum back to Kerbin. 1.6 billion funds secured and I didn't have to worry about the cost of torch, karborundum or orion drives anymore. But before that - very much so!
  14. I'd rather pay $200 for KSP2 and it being as awesome as its current potential, than paying less and not having it so. That's with my mere 6-700 hours of KSP playtime.
  15. Hi there, can anyone point me in the right direction troubleshooting a dull looking Jool? Image example: https://imgur.com/a/iwlqud5 So basically, I've got the same setup as Matt Lowne, and I was hoping to see a similar result like the one in his YouTube video. Using: EVE, Scatterer, SVE, SVT (Modlist in same image album, KSP 1.7.0) My Jool is dull! Clouds barely visible. Matt's one look super beautiful! Green, lucious, inviting! You'd want to go there, even! Is this a scatterer issue? Something else? I'll gladly try anything to test it out!
  16. Question from a noob perspective. I've been playing with the 1.2.2 version for my KSP 1.5.1. Just updated to 1.7.0, and I'm looking at adding Restock mod. Though there's conflicting parts then, expected. Is there a way to keep my fuel tanks in use from VSR, but mainly use Restock?
  17. Are you running multiple drill "heads" /sorters/filters (can't remember the name) on your drills at the same time? I know you're not supposed to do that at least.
  18. No idea if it's related, but yeah it sounds very similar. It's just needlessly turned off without reason.
  19. Do you have enough input products and output storage to sustain the agriculture function for 6 hours? When you leave simulation and come back, it "fast forwards" from last point you were visiting it to the new timestamp, in 6 hour chunks at a time.
  20. Anyone else here that suffered from Duna recyclers turning off when leaving/entering ship physics emulation? I stopped playing couple of months ago hoping I can solve this eventually to allow for my big expedition to go underway. Any hints at all would be welcome. The problem is that recyclers that are turned on, automatically turn off when I come back to the ship. End result = kerbals without food/supplies. I have more than enough power, and enough space for any recycling material etc.
  21. @RoverDude Do you have any idea if there's something else I could try to make the recyclers not turn themselves off when leaving vessel focus? Using latest constellation here, on 1.5.1.
  22. As others have mentioned it already is compatible. You might get some messages about incompatibility but it still works. I know there's at least one bug I'm waiting for a fix for (or hoping that it's related rather, it's not a confirmed bug) - recyclers resetting themselves when returning focus to a vessel. Not sure if there are any other issues currently, but I'd say as for 1.6.1 compatibility, it's very playable already today. Just do it™ - download and play!
  23. I've used the patch mentioned above and from what I can tell it works.
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