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  1. can i get a download link? the one at the top doesnt let me download it.
  2. i couldnt find it cuz im new to here. sorry
  3. I watched a video from Robbaz and he made these small tanks. He used hinges to make a ramp, and as i cant find any ramp mods, i want to check on here if someone knows the name of the mod. He also used an artillery cannon and i think i want to use that too. link: Thanks to anyone that knows!
  4. im using the latest version of ksp, and pressing j on the wings doenst pop up the context menu. any help?
  5. ill go and test it. i will reply to this with my results. thank you for the demo!
  6. could you tell me how to attach the hooks to the js-1 joint socket? EVA doesnt work as i cant select it, and IVA doesnt work either, as its just the retract and lock.
  7. I see. i didnt notice that typo. maybe you can help me? just look at the reply i have made towards Tonka Crash's comment.
  8. pretty much every part. the hw-80 winch and the w-50 winch wont connect to the js-1 joint socket. i wish i could post a picture but when in EVA when i click on the released winch is un-selectable and just says focus camera. from another reply, SpaceY is just heavy lifting rockets. any link?
  9. how do you know what i am planning on doing with the KAS mod....
  10. I am using KSP version 1.6.1 and i installed KIA and KAS. KIS works but KAS does'nt attach to the hooks. It also wont let me use it in EVA. It would be great if you updated this mod to the current version, as there may be multiple people with the same, annoying issue. Glad to hear from you, great sir! Have a great day.
  11. hey i have installed the RealPlume mod for 1.5.1.  could you make the mod compatible with this mod (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KhEd_zWd_II&t=869s. i have it installe3d and it seems not to work. that would be wonderful.

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