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  1. wait so do not remove the wild blue industries out of their folders? also i already have that modulemanager it still doesnt work
  2. hi i was thinking how do you update mods like configurable containers
  3. hi can you update this mod to 1.6.1?
  4. ok so i have a problem with my cargo bays and anything that opens that are stock they cant open itself anymore in normal mode if i tried it on partial mode it works but if its normal it doesnt so pls help
  5. nah dude this is where we talk about shuttles,make shuttles,show off our shuttles,everyone can make challenges so we can tell who has the best shuttle
  6. Hi and welcome to my thread where we talk shuttles,make shuttles,showcase shuttles,and lets all make challenges to prove others that your shuttle is the best ALRIGHT LETS START WITH STEP 1:SHOW YOUR SHUTTLE THAT YOU WILL USE FOR THIS CHALLENGE (ANY CAN DO CARGO,EXPLORATION,FIGHTER,etc) STEP 2:MAKE UP CHALLENGES AND SHOW A PICTURE TO PROVE WHAT YOU DID STEP 3:I'LL BE LOOKING HOW MANY THINGS HAVE YOU DONE WITH YOUR SHUTTLE RULES: 1:NO CHEATING THAT'S IT Also guys im not gonna join this im just a judge
  7. well its not mechjeb is this space shuttle mod called space shuttle system the revival
  8. well i changed the version in the file that says version
  9. hi i was wondering can you update this mod to 1.6.1? also this was my favorite mod cuz i like shuttles. so can you update this to 1.6.1
  10. i tried to change the game version why didnt it work?
  11. Ok i just tried to change the version why can i open my aircraft anymore?
  12. Rlly just now welp thanks so much also can you send me a video about how to do that cuz im having a hard time finding those videos