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  1. I have worked with a software package for the last 13 years that I hate. The vendor has a horrible habit of bundling bugfixes with 'enhancements', which invariably break things. I have literally yelled at the CEO of said vendor, 'FIX THE BUGS, RELEASE A PATCH AND DO NOT ADD ENHANCEMENTS.' To his face. In a meeting, with my CEO present. I'm still employed, but nothing changed. We still get patches with enhancements & bugfixes, which usually break unrelated things. It is the nature of the beast, and indeed of 90% of the software vendor behavior. No matter what the application. B
  2. Drastic effect of where the blue food color plant had a catastrophic leak?
  3. Very close to what I do. I name it for the body it is in orbit of and what it does. Minmus McStationface. Gilly McFuelFace, Duna McScienceFace, etc.
  4. I call them porqupines... or "ouchie shrubs"
  5. Well, using the new breaking ground srbs, an SSTO with a command chair is possible. Reentry is a bit more...unreliable.. and I just thought, "Can I put tourists in command chairs?" Gotta go check.
  6. Particle Man, by They Might Be Giants. I wanna hit myself in the head with a hammer...
  7. Ogberi


    Daniel and Jorge explain the universe is one of my favorites. Lots of science topics, easy to digest, and it's interesting. As is the Drunks and dragons podcast. DND fifth edition play. Hilarious, but not safe for work or little kids. I enjoy playing DND, for the story, the combat, doing off the wall stuff that drives the DM nuts, and the fun of hanging out with a bunch of like minded geeks. I browse a few others as the mood strikes me, but in all honesty the severe monetization (commercials every few minutes) is pushing me away from podcasts on Spotify.
  8. yup, USA. Born in Tennessee, lived in florida the last 30 someodd years. I'm a 42 year old diabetic Systems and Network admin. Once in awhile I do eat unhealthy, same as once in awhile I love a good two fingers of 18 year aged Irish whiskey. My wife loves food, as do I, and she has introduced me to many things I had heard of but never tried. She is a first rate Cook, and at the moment is thinly slicing a Jewish brisket for dinner tonight. Mostly I eat healthy, but sometimes good 'ole soul food is the thing I crave. Gotta go, my turn to go slice. happy holidays to all, whatever and where
  9. Not of my ethnic group: Curried goat Schwarma Luau pig Steak and kidney pie Blood sausage Real gumbo Of my ethnic group: Big 'ole Burger piled with cheese & bacon Mac and cheese (home made) Jerky Fried chicken Fall off the bone 18 hours smoked bbq ribs Steak!
  10. Seems everything I do in ksp is a crime. As soon as I accomplish something, the Kerbal Kongress passes a bill that makes it illegal.
  11. I use to have an old Logitech Force 3d controller. The inputs got jittery, as it is OLD. My wonderful wife bought me a Logitech x52 hotas to replace it. Once calibrated and mapped, it is super easy to use in ksp as a flight controller for rockets and planes. But the sheer number of buttons, sliders, hats, and wheels makes it super suitable for orbital and docking operations. I love flight sims (acrobatics rock) and it performs excellently. Very precise and responsive. Not the cheapest, but worth it to me. https://www.logitechg.com/en-us/products/space/x52-space-flight-simulator-cont
  12. I was frustrated at first by the learning curve, but once I read up on basic orbital mechanics, things clicked and I really started enjoying the game. Both for career modes, and just fooling around in sandbox. I can easily kill 3-4 hours in one setting, and have done many sunrise to sunset sessions (real Earth time). This game appeals to my nerdiness, and redneck appreciation of 'more power' and stuff blowing up. And my love of Space exploration.
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