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  1. Indeed. Did you make the background visuals yourself ?
  2. I downloaded them just to see, here they are :
  3. It sounds and looks awesome ! Will definitely try it when I get off RSS ^^
  4. So, has anyone tried ? I'm going to try it on a multimods new career on 1.10.1 (RSS, RO, RP1, Kerbalism...)
  5. Thanks a lot, Gamelinx ! Oh, yes ! My computer probably gonna burn but I reaaally wanna try this on RSS !
  6. Do you mean it's working in 1.11 ? I came here to check if there was any plan to update FMRS, as I really miss it in my new career on 1.11.
  7. Hello ! Thanks for updating to 1.11.0. Do you think this mod is compatible with Nertea's System Heat ?
  8. Definitely gonna try that mod ! Thanks Tudor Aerospace.
  9. Thanks for your answers. Oh, cool then ! I wonder how ScanSat would react now. I'll definitely try it when I'll have a bit more time.
  10. Hello Arekva, this mod is a great idea. Do you think it would cause problems on an already advanced career (even if nothing is orbiting gas giants right now) ? Also, would it be compatible with RSS ?
  11. It looks really promising. Are you still working on it, @"Our Benefactors" ?
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