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  1. Yep, got both of those, I really dunno what the issue is. But others seem to have similar problems with this mod.
  2. The air-breathing SRB's have their thrust effect stuck on, even when inactive or the fuel is depleted. Otherwise they seem to function fine though, is this a known issue, or some kind of mod conflict? The air-breathing SRB's are the only part with any issue I can find so far. Edit: I managed to figure it out, removing the power effect in the configs fixed the FX bug.
  3. Same issue here, it's definitely the deployment bay that's doing it for me too. Did anyone ever find a fix?
  4. Definitely not a ram issue, and I'm using 64 bit. Even with nothing else installed it doesn't want to load that IVA. Simply removing it solved the load-up issue. But the textures have the same issues others described, along with the engines not displaying in the parts list.
  5. If for nothing else, the little orbital rug module in this mod is something I've been on the look out for. I can't say I've seen anything quite like it, with the off-centre cabin, keeping the entire unit in-line. I would probably rate it as a must have, though playing around with it, it's just a bit wonky in 1.5.x
  6. It doesn't work texture wise for me, at least. And the engines do not appear, I had to entirely delete the IVA for the pod or it caused the game to hang up indefinitely too.
  7. Ahh, they would be useful for ships designed to land, or just to protect cargo in general.
  8. It seems to work for me, just a tad of weirdness where I need to cycle through all the variants or the models overlap, but I have that with B9 as well, and that's supposed to be 1.5 compatible. *Shrugs* But nothing game-breaking like kerbalfoundries tweakable landing gear bouncing around like crazy when deployed.
  9. In the plasma mode, they work fine (except for the bad ISP in atmosphere) But in air breathing mode they seem to randomly flame out due to not enough intake air, oddly, even if I add extra intakes, this still occurs.
  10. Forgive me if this has already been asked, but are there any reusable doors for the HX hangar parts? (Or a reasonably compatible set of hangar doors from another mood would also be fine.)
  11. Is it just me, or do the engines for the ranger flame out no matter what? Am I doing something wrong?