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  1. I dont know if this is a known issue but the SR icon wont show up in my science and sandbox file, I've downloaded stage recovery FMRS and recovery control and non of them seem to work. I dont know if this is already asked alot but if it isnt would somebody be kind enough to help me? thx. game version is 1.7.3
  2. I just wish we could turn the rotors faster or more efficient
  3. Well it should replace stock props, most of the early ones can even outperform the new engines.
  4. Pleaaasee increase the power of the motors. they are way to weak
  5. cool it down a bit will ya? everything on its time. this is already a huge step in the right direction
  6. can we all agree that we need better performance for the engines? autostrut is gonna be your best friend
  7. Devs? can we move the rotors lower in the tech tree? at least have it unlockable with the juno? and could the power on all of them be increased? thank you
  8. You'll need a second rotor to counter the torque of the first one Oh lord what did I do?