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  1. Hey, thanks for working on this! its something im really looking forward to! any words on a new updated version?
  2. I made an upper stage in raptor's modulair style. Btw @Raptor9 Where do you put all your reactionwheels and probecontrol in your rockets?
  3. I made an upper stage in raptor's modulair style.
  4. the first one lol, got ksp in 2018 or so.
  5. If you want a full demonstration of the kal1000 and how to make such a thing into a mechjeb controller please check out snacklesskerbal: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxCTmLkzQLR5x1jibksdB9Q/videos
  6. Today I went out to duna and planted my first flag on another planet. Cant believe it took me 1300 hours
  7. Hey @Raptor9 You don't know me and I don't know you very well. However I've gotten quite a good picture of you via the stuff you inspire the KSP community to do. You're crafts are insanely good and are without a doubt the best on the whole of KerbalX. Thank you for inspiring me every time again and again. I wish you the best of luck on your journey and hope to see you around some time again. - Dash Edit: Oh and if there is something I could do to help with anything just let me know
  8. Today I sailed off to the new world for the first time in 1300 hours
  9. Pretty much new to forums so here goes nothing. I made this modular lander for my upcoming Duna mission (first ever time visiting another planet in 1300 hours)
  10. Thanks for replying so fast! I understand your point, it doesnt really matter all that much tbh. thanks anyways
  11. I dont know if this is a known issue but the SR icon wont show up in my science and sandbox file, I've downloaded stage recovery FMRS and recovery control and non of them seem to work. I dont know if this is already asked alot but if it isnt would somebody be kind enough to help me? thx. game version is 1.7.3
  12. I just wish we could turn the rotors faster or more efficient