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  1. Today I created a "car" in my caveman challenge career save, and then drove it all over the KSC. Earned enough science points to unlock Miniaturization, and I have 76.5 points left. Going to switch fuel tanks from the 100 to the 400 and then see about driving that thing north to other biomes. I'm curious as to how many science points I can earn before I have to go into space again.
  2. So I finished driving all over the KSC, and I now have miniaturization. And 76.5 science points left. I'm going to take the "car" and drive it north into another biome and see if I can squeeze a few more science points out before I go into space again. I need to pick up Electrics so I can launch the core of my impending space station into orbit (I need a probe core, batteries, and solar panels), and then after that I can think about doing the Mun. Well, after the space station and getting enough fuel tanks up there to make it do-able. Then again, I may comb through a few other threads out
  3. So I went about this morning trying to design a "drivable aircraft"...and I succeeded! I was able to use the design shown below (with a minor tweak to where the landing gear struts are) and drive to the SPH and collect science points. Using this design, I will be able to finish off the KSC points collection, and I will be able to hit the Admin Building, VAB, Mission Control, Astronaut Complex, and Tracking Station to get the last of the science points. It isn't much (20.4 per location, and that will probably decrease a bit as I hit every building), but that would be (if it stays stable) ano
  4. I would like to see the use of black holes as gateways to other stars/solar systems. I'd like to see people having to send probes to gain science points and then unlock tech tree nodes to travel through them. I'd also like to see it be where you'd have 2 holes -one from Kerbol to another system, and one from the inherent system back to Kerbol.
  5. As soon as I typed that, I was like "Well, I could strap a fuel tank and a terrier to a command pod, throw some wheels on it...maybe some ailerons to slow down...and I've got a car. Maybe.". Gonna try that out tonight and see how it goes. Gotta get to 90 points so I can pick up Miniaturization; I am not sure i can get to the Mun without a space station with extra fuel tanks in orbit first. And I need Miniaturization to get the docking clamp.
  6. Making a car requires science upgrades. Science upgrades require science points. Those points are in the biomes.
  7. So I grabbed some easy science on the runway today. Not much (20), but I'll take what I can get. I'd like to get one of my Kerbals into every KSC biome for EVA reports, but man it takes forever to walk to even one of them. Is there any way to run faster? I also got a plane off the ground...but crashed upon attempting to land. I was around 80 m/s, which I'm guessing is too fast. And my descent was probably too steep. Anybody have tips on flying? Turning, landing, etc.? Again, I can get off the ground...but it does me no good if I can't land.
  8. The thing for me is that I'll need to get an LKO station up, which I can then use to go build a Minmus orbit station. With the low tonnage cap, I will have to get creative to get beyond Kerbin's orbit, and this is how my mind is working. With that said, this week will be dedicated first and foremost to family; lot of Zoom calls and Skype to be had eith those on the other side of the country. Beyond that, I am going to do some sandbox testing of concepts...as well as practicing flying.
  9. Yeah, I'm going to be using a space station as a hub (basically) where I've got several pods docked to start with, and then I'll send up full fuel tanks to dock with them.
  10. In my Caveman Challenge career, I'm going to use 80s arcade characters for my rockets and stations. "Space Station Wonderboy, this is ground control. Do you copy?"
  11. Well, it's gonna take some time. I mean, I have to get 90 science points and pick up Miniaturization first so I have docking ports. And then it will be numerous flights to get pieces up in orbit to build the space station. And then numerous flights to get rocket pieces up there to connect to. It won't be quick, and it won't be easy. But it will be worth it. Considering the amount of science points needed, I'm going to learn to fly planes properly...and hopefully get the Circumnavigation challenge taken care of too. Those science points at the poles won't collect themselves, you know
  12. Today, in the continuation of the Caveman Challenge, I got my first rocket into orbit. 18 tons/30 parts is hard, but what I learned about how to make it work is far more valuable than just slapping stuff together and punching the gas. And, as if that wasn't enough, I earned enough science to complete tier 4 of the tech tree. This means I need a scant 900 more science points to finish the challenge.
  13. Before I begin, I must give special props here to @fourfa and @Superfluous J; I would not have accomplished getting into orbit without either of you. With that said, yes, I was able to achieve orbit in the Caveman challenge. And it was actually a lot easier than I was trying to make it. See, after reading fourfa's explanation multiple times, it finally sank in that the G-Force indicator on the right side had a green section in it that I should be using to follow how to burn fuel efficiently. That is not covered in any of the tutorials about flight that I went through before even starti
  14. Nope. That's the last one I tried before posting, and I run out of fuel before getting into a stable orbit.
  15. And I may have to give up on this. Simply put: I cannot get into orbit. At all. Oh, I can get sub-orbital. But as soon as I try to go orbital, I run out of fuel before I can achieve orbit. No matter what design I use - multi-stage, SSTO, space plane...nothing works. I've come up with every design I can think of, and I've copied multiple designs in this very thread. I cannot get into orbit. If I cannot get into orbit, I cannot complete the challenge. I am asking for some serious help here. I cannot figure out what I am doing wrong, even when copying other designs out here. In fa
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