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  1. Who knows how to add engine emissive in RO. Structure "name = FXModuleAnimateThrottle" seems doesn't working with real plumes. ksp 1.3.1 mods: realism overhaul, real plume, real fuels,solver engine, real heat, real chute, rss
  2. Yeh I know how to get to orbit with single processor and script. But I want land my booster back to Earth/Kerbin, and here's the catch.
  3. I want make my scrip to perform actions depend on ship name. When rocket is on launch pad I programing lower kos processor with kos tag "Booster" to perform for example step "launch", then when its staging, using command "kuniverse:forcesetactivevessel" I wanna switch to Upper Stage of my rocket with kos processor tag "UpperStage" and make him run step "Orbit", with construction like this: "if Ship("Booster") { runstep ("launch")" } "if Ship("UpperStage") { runstep ("Orbit")" } Can someone help please? Thanks
  4. Yeh it works. Thank you
  5. Got a problem with flacon heavy script, its saying "Cannot find sensor for ACC", and sending to this lines of script: SET vertAcc TO sProj(SHIP:SENSORS:ACC, UP:VECTOR). SET dragAcc TO g + vertAcc. //vertical acceleration due to drag. Same as g at terminal velocity What is ACC, and how to fix this error ? KSP version 1.5.1 (macOS), and latest kos. P. S. Its not my script I just download it so don't be very mad for my stupidness.
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