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  1. Attempted to build the Enterprise from Star Trek. Since I haven't been playing long, It isn't practical. I just built it to look cool and for my own enjoyment :) Feel free to give feedback. I'm not going to give a download link for now since it uses a few mods and there's probably better versions of the Enterprise then this.
  2. yeah, it would work and would make the game more realistic, but it would definitely make the game harder on landing and might need extra parts to do with weather conditions
  3. I do have the making history DLC, I never knew that, But it should be implemented into sandbox/career mode if the code and design are there. Do you know what mission it is?
  4. Since a lot of people (Including me) are making a lot of ships/drone-ships. It would be cool if there was a launch site in the water. And if it was possible to launch from bases on other planets. It can probably be added by mods (Like nearly everything else) But it would be cool to have it in the base game
  5. Definitely ! It would lead to a lot of cooler builds and more possibilities. I think some type of real parts for ships and boats would be cool
  6. I'm always having trouble getting to the Mun(every planet in general too), I can land fine, Just its the part after orbit and before landing on target that I cant get. Anyone have any tips to help?
  7. Yeah, I agree it would be cool, I know there is mods that can do this but it would be cool to have it in the base game, maybe if there were a need for resources to keep the kerbals alive it would be good
  8. A Saturn-like planet with rings would be cool. There really needs to be at least 1 planet with rings
  9. yeah. it's a good idea. It would make KSP more realistic when doing EVA and would add another aspect to the game to watch
  10. The game is meant to be hard, MechJeb can do that anyway. If it's made easy for new players then they won't be able to fly a ship properly since all they have to do is press a button.