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  1. All, Built a Matt Lowne-esk Moho rocket from his tutorial, but i do not have the tech tree fully unlocked, so i had to beef up the first stage and asparagus stage for efficiency. For some reason. My staging will never save for some minor changes (de-couple prior to firing the seperatrons for the side boosters etc.), plus the asparagus staging will not transfer fuel! am i doing something wrong. request an overlook on my build please. https://kerbalx.com/0HR9AM/Moho-Voyager
  2. Thanks for the assist Cheesecake! Is this supported by the newest 1.7? I didnt see it in CKAN.
  3. Aloha Kerbalnauts, Trying to figure out how to make waypoints for my mun rover so it can run to various biomes while I work on other portions of the mission. I'm running Mechjeb on the rover and the waypoints portion is available, but the MechJeb tutorials are not helpful in this and I cannot figure it out. Is there anyone that can help me or point me to a tutorial that would work? is there another mod that is better than mechjeb in this scenario? I have CKAN so I have no problems loading other mods. appreciate the help.
  4. Aloha from Hawaii fellow Kerbalnauts. I'm a relatively new player from Hawaii who's about halfway through their tech tree so far! Can't get enough of this game! I only have two Mods installed. Mechjeb and Alarmclock. I'm trying to finish the tech tree with as little help from mods as I can, so I can understand the game better. So far, I have only been to the Mun and Minmus, but planning a trip to duna and it's moon to try and grab some major science. As far as career mode goes, I'm only active on two missions right now (Temp surveys of Mun and Satelite in Mun orbit). I took an unmanned rover w
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