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  1. @RoverDude I found the root cause of the issue with the missing textures! I was looking through my player.log file and found this line: Texture 'UmbraSpaceIndustries/ExpPack/PackRat/Assets/model000' not found! (Filename: C:\buildslave\unity\build\Runtime/Export/Debug/Debug.bindings.h Line: 35) I opened the build and copied (the model.mu and don't need it, works without) the model000.dds into the directory above and the texture loads properly! I'm not a programmer by any stretch, so I have no idea how to fix this properly or even how to go about locating what file is calling for the model000 file. Anyone have any ideas so we can submit a pull request?
  2. @RoverDudeThere is definitely something wrong with some of the textures from the new version. I downloaded and installed the ExpPack from version and the command seat no longer shows up white. I had previously tried the full constellation for 112.0.1 (as well as the first prerelease, assuming the intermittent prereleases would have the same issues) and just the ExpPack downloaded individually (both on a clean install) and in all cases the texture was missing. This is also happening with the "Ballute - 2.5m " part, just as an FYI. There may be others but that's all I've unlocked so far in my current playthrough. I will add a ticket to the Github.
  3. Is the Data Input Terminal supposed to be compatible with ScienceAlert ReAlerted's "Collect All" functionality? I saw Daishi's note about US2 doing it's own thing with regards to science, but I assumed that since LGG is maintaining both ScienceAlert and US2 that they would play nice
  4. Hi all, I'm having a problem and I can't figure it out. KSP 1.9.1, RemoteTech version 1.9.6, using the root range model. I have a satellite with a Communotron 32 (5 Mm range) in orbit above Eve, and a satellite with an HG-55 (25 Gm range) and an 88-88 in orbit at 80 Mm. The 88-88 is pointed back at Kerbin, and I get a green connection line in the map view. The HG-55 is pointed at the satellite with the Comm 32. According to the calculation for root range, the Comm 32 and the 55 should be able to communicate up to 358 Mm, but I get a "no connection" status. Everything is powered, turned on, LoS is established, but no connection. Any thoughts? Thanks in advance! VRK EDIT: Ok, nevermind, apparently I'm an idiot I had the relay satellite around Kerbin (with it's own 88-88) pointed at Eve itself. For the 88-88, the cone only covers out to an altitude of about 10 Mm above Eve's surface, meaning that the satellite in orbit at 80 Mm was not inside the cone. Once I aimed the Kerbin satellite directly at the satellite in the 80 Mm orbit, the Comm 32 satellite in low orbit became controllable.
  5. Fair point. I wasn't specifically asking about KER, but about using the sidereal period to set comm sats. I should have been more careful in my wording. Thank you for the rest of the explanation!
  6. Brilliant, thanks bcqJC! So a follow-up question then: can you use the period shown in KER to set the relationship between communication satellites? I have 3 commsats in a triangular formation about 750k above Kerbin's surface. I used the period in KER to set their periods relative to one another (to minimize drift). Will that work, or am I going to have trouble with them drifting because KER bases the period on the sidereal day and not the solar day? I think the answer is no, there won't be a problem, since all three satellites are based off the sidereal relationship to each other, but that's more of a gut feeling. VRK
  7. Snark, I have a question. I am using Kerbal Engineer and BBT (version 1.9.1 of the game), and I noticed a discrepancy between the two mods' readouts when I put a satellite into geostationary orbit. Here's a screen capture: BBT shows that I'm dead-on for a geostationary orbit (down to the ms mark), but the orbital period is 5:59:9.246, almost a full minute off from the 6:00:00 it should be as given by KER. Is there a problem in one of the mods, or am I not understanding how geostationary orbit works? Originally I used KER to set my orbital period to 6:00:00, not realizing that BBT would give a time to geosynchronous orbit. When I set the orbital period to 6:00:00, BBT reported gsync as +50 s. I thought that the orbital period would be a good indicator of geosynchronicity, but now I don't know. Any thoughts? Thanks in advance. VRK
  8. I have a question and I've been unable to find anything in the wiki. In the Servo Controller window, there is a button next to the -10 and -1 buttons. It starts off as a +, then if you click the button it turns into a - sign, then another click turns it into an "o". Any ideas what that button does? I clicked it all the way to "o" for one of the joints on my part, and now that joint won't function as a slave any longer. Any ideas how to revert the change? Thanks in advance!
  9. Sorry if this question has been asked and answered. When I download AVP from GitHub, it already has folders in the GameData > AVP directory for EVE, Scatterer, and TextureReplacer. When I do step 3 of the directions from the OP (updating the dependencies) and download the updated versions of EVE, Scatterer, and TR, do I put those newer downloads under GameData, or put them under GameData > AVP? If I just put them under GameData, do I leave the GameData > AVP folders in place, or remove them? Thanks in advance!
  10. I'm seeing the same issue on a Windows 10 64-bit Steam download. What numbers did you use for the rescale?
  11. nightingale, just a head's up: tried to install via CKAN this morning and I was getting an error: I went into the Versions tab and it installed 2.7.2 with no issues (I'm using KSP ver. 1.4.2).
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