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  1. Do you have any plans to add parts to make Starship Human Landing System like the one in this picture?
  2. Sorry i've been away for so long. I've thought about it and decided to not make Add-On's, and with that goes the idea of KWX. I may change my mind when KSP 2 drops but as of now i'm not sure. Just a lot of issues going on and finishing off school too.
  3. Yeah, I actually had downloaded the MK2 Extensions mod for a while now and it is becoming one of my favorites. But i did not mean militarized parts when I asked. But the reason I asked is that almost all of your parts are built for 2.5m fuselages and it would be nice for a bit of variety in sizes, but I don't know if this Add'on was geared towards 2.5m parts.
  4. Any plans for making MK2 parts? When I come back to developing Add-On's, maybe I could try and make some.
  5. Sorry I didn't get the pictures uploaded when I said I would, I've had a busy week, But here they are! https://imgur.com/a/ZSW8n5j I figured I should get the pictures uploaded before I go to bed.
  6. I am currently working on the b-36 cockpit but I realized I flipped the glass canopy and made the stubby side backwards and the longer side forwards so I gotta scrap it and redo it completely. But now I learned to make the design perfect before binding the shapes, oops on my part. I will post pictures of the mesh once I get home, I am currently with my niece and nephew that live an hour away.
  7. Yeah, I am the type of person to set up strategic situations in KSP and watch them play out, or preform raids on bases using KK. And sometimes add a story element to it like an actual war. But with some implications weapons could be useful in KSP. if there was a mod that makes meteors destructible, you could just send a craft with a missile on it and blast it to smithereens, but for some that would ruin the complicated part of a rendezvous with an asteroid and re-directing it. And yeah, weapons would glitch the game, for example if a nuke was dropped and it caused a shockwave in KSP it would make the crafts shake and fly into blackness at breakneck speeds.
  8. I have asked Lisias about cargo bays and tail ramps and he said its in the roadmap. Also I understand why people wouldn't want weapons on their planes, possibly because there's no real need for weapons in KSP, unless you wanna fire a missile to de-orbit a useless satellite.
  9. I am planning to do WW1 and WW2 weapons in the add'on and It will be a separate mod using BDArmory. Also these are just ideas and they aren't final. Also 1-4 are all things that were around at those times. I have been talking to him about this, and he is helping me learn about the proper details and tools to help me.
  10. I actually know how to use KerbalKonstructs to build bases and I am learning how to make Add'on's so maybe I could bring it back and maintain it once i have the proper knowledge of licenses and that stuff.
  11. Ok, i think i confused this mod for airplane plus XD, sorry about the confusion if there was any. So here's the updated plans for KWX. 1. Tail Gunner cockpit (there is already the desired tail for it.). 2. (maybe) bomb bay with a lowering rack for bombs. 3. Turrets (so your bombers can protect themselves in style!). 4. A.O.D (Angel Of Death) deployment bay or attachment. 5. (possibly) The "No One Can Kill Me, Only I Can Kill Me!" bomb if you wanna explode rather than smash into the ground. Also KWX is not confirmed because I JUST started learning how to make Add'on's, So don't expect hearing about it being confirmed for a while because it may not happen.
  12. Present! (umm... i know absolutely no one on this forum...) (Insert name here)
  13. I'm using KK and I installed RSS and I cant open the base editor in flight. Also i do know that KK bases wont work on earth because they are made for kerbin.