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  1. My Yo's have been thoroughly Ho'd
  2. What do ya'll ding dong dang nabbit space cowboys typically use during your career mode play through's to flesh out your parts list? I get the general rule that it's good to avoid the bloat and slim down your mod list but for me I'm a fine connoisseur of chocolate opposed to the vanilla gameplay so I want to mod this thing until it splits at the seams.
  3. I do too love me some water mate, it's great to consume through your oral orifice and helps lubricate the lubrication zones in your body. Doctors recommend you drink at least 8 glasses a day to sustain your status of not being dead. RIDE THE WAVE MAAAAN
  4. Not going to lie I really don't like these new parts. I ❤️❤️❤️L O V E❤️❤️❤️ them and I will trade you 10 of my camels plus a goat to ask for this mod's hand in marriage.
  5. I think you guys have to realize this mod really isn't gonna be brought back since with some recent game changes Squad has made this is a whole other ballpark to get working again. For now I think it's best to stop pestering the guy with asking if it's still alive, of course don't get me wrong I want this mod to be resurrected as well but sometimes mods gotta go into stasis, and sometimes in that state of stasis they pass on. Or until a penguin finds this digging through the junkyard then hey who knows
  6. I'm more then glad to accept that. Pleasure doing business with you, and I'll astral project all 400 money-bills into your brain tomorrow. The delivery address for the parts is 6969 East Cerebral Avenue. Just knock on the door when you get here. Well I can't just give him the money I'm probably in like a different country then him or something. Until I get the Rocket Assisted Koin Katapult working I don't think I'll be sen- oh wait this in the internet. I can do this through the power of the ones and zeros. I shall donate physical money-bills, they're probably worth more the
  7. My eyes have been blessed to witness such existential beauty lol. This is some top quality stuff my laddo, can't wait to see where you go from here. Also bit of a request could you throw in some swap-able alternative textures to the more traditionally colorful parts to just be grey, black, and white? Like the Probodobodyne HECS2 and the R-12 tank to name two examples. I like my ships to maintain a a uniform color palette throughout the design as a general rule but hey that's just me I'll pay you in hypothetical money-bills.
  8. Will this be added to CKAN? I feel dirty having to ruin my pristine CKAN managed Gamedata folder adding any mods in myself. I know for a fact it judges me silently...
  9. Everything's looking pretty good on 1.5. Surprised stuff hasn't completely broken beyond any reasonable sense of repair lmao. With 1.6 Part Revamp Update coming along will VSPR still be updated? I This mod is way more aesthetically pleasant to focus my ocular facial orbs on compared to current vanilla's parts and 1.6's updated parts.
  10. Is that a cheeky little PPTS pod I see in there? Glad to see that thing get some love
  11. Is there anyway to edit the textures of the alternate suit added by the Making History DLC or if it's already been done anybody got any textures for it?
  12. I'm not entirely sure how I managed to miss that and this has been a minor blow to my pride
  13. Maybe? Given the scope of this mod it would be hard to kinda bring everything up to date and figure everything out. Just be patient, a certain Gaming Guru of Linux might hear your prayers, given he hasn't stressed himself out having to keep 40 billion different mods updated.
  14. Used KAS to make what is effectively a rudimentary ballista, capable of shooting Kerbals. And I don't mean shooting at Kerbals I mean actually shooting Kerbals because hey if my calculations are correct the average Kerbal at least on paper is is significantly cheaper and more cost effective then just a straight up wooden bolt. Mainly because nobody has figured out a way to get wood because Kerbal's trees exists in some physics-less quasi-reality in alongside our own where our axes just phase through it like if it was a hologram. THE TREE'S ARE HOLOGRAMS! WAKE UP SHEEPLE!
  15. Since when did B9 have Spaceship parts? What else have ya darn dang-nabbit whippersnappers been hiding from me?
  16. Vahnskir


    Hi there m8's. I've been chronically addicted a long time player of KSP since I was pff 12 I would say and I think my first version might've been 0.18 so KSP has been a massive part of my life (and probably now why I've been pursuing a career in aeronautical engineering lol). I've lurked a bit on the Forums from time to time but never considered registering until recently. I was first introduced to KSP through a friend at school who downloaded the demo on our classroom computer and spent hours just throwing parts together and amusing myself too much with watching all the pretty explosions.
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