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  1. MateoKSP

    Quick SSTO Guide!

    Thank you for your guidance. THIS is what you meant!
  2. MateoKSP

    Quick SSTO Guide!

    Hey @The_Cat_In_Space Is this what you were mentioning? Sorry I am kind of new! Mateo
  3. MateoKSP

    Quick SSTO Guide!

    Thanks for taking the time to comment. I will look into this and post the craft file if I can!
  4. MateoKSP

    Quick SSTO Guide!

    Hey Guys! I've been playing KSP on and off for a long time and SSTO's have always been kind of tough on me. I finally broke through to an orbit for the first time, then I took the time to explain my experiences. It's a simple SSTO in the current patch, that is very beginner friendly and mod-free. Thanks for taking the time to check it out! <3 Mateo edit: craft file in steam workshop edit edit: