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  1. This sounds like it would fit as more of a major update to this mod: Alternatively if someone makes your suggestion into a mod it should be compatible with Kerbal Health.
  2. Congratulations Kottabos Games has made a video on your mod.
  3. Well the space kraken is a thing so what did you expect.
  4. Then you should add a mention of that somewhere in the OP so nobody else asks this again (Prefferably with the CTT logo somewhere so people who won't bother reading all the text on the OP will notice it.)
  5. You really need to make more of these. That actually reminds me that months ago i had seen one of your images from this series and tried to make my own one based off of it. Here is the link to it for anyone curious (I know it's not that good but that's all i can do when all i have is paint.net and an old Optiplex 760 SFF computer with only 2 GB of RAM to work with.)
  6. I joined this site yesterday and i've been wondering what i need to do to not have to wait for all the posts i make on threads to be approved by a moderator. Do i just have to wait for a few days or make a certain amount of posts or both ?
  7. It's either the survivability node or the enhanced survivability one that would be fitting for the parts or maybe one of the landing nodes (Landing or Advanced Landing).
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