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  1. Thanks and to be honest, even space ponies would look better than those green cucumbers. And that's saying something about my state of mind. Can you name a few? I don't really want to stick to unmanned stuff. Thanks, will check those out. I don't really need great graphics, i just don't like the cartoony warcraft3-like style in general. Thanks, will try. That would actually work great! Well, thanks anyway.
  2. Hello! Is there a preset for making all the visors always on and 0% transparent? I just can't look at kerbals but don't want to stick to unmanned missions either.
  3. Hello, i love space games and all that jazz, and yet i couldn't make myself play KSP over the years for one simple reason: cartoony style. So, years passed, but searching didn't help me with any mod related to it (except for scott somebody head). Soo... 1. Is there a mod to block visors and everything and stop seeing kerbals in general? Maybe pretend those are robots? 2. Is there a mod to replace them with human looking humans? 3. Is there a mod to make everything look realistic, in general? Thanks.