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  1. May I ask if it would be possible for you to create a version of the hab module with added window shutters like the cupola has? I think it would look like lovely for uniform esthetics. Or just in case someone thinks of making a micrometeorite mod ;D Apart from that: A great and appealing mod that you have created there, Well!
  2. Given that KSP 1.8 is around the corner, with native DX11 support, using Unity 2019.2, will that deprecate your mod or just make your life harder, Shadowmage, to change all the code to be once again compatible? Just wondering what it means for the code of TU and if its a sigh of relief to you (YAY, native support!) or more a sigh of "OH-NO-ALL-BROKEN!"
  3. @DeltaDizzyWhat planet/texture pack is this? I couldn't find any hints in the thread. It looks like a dried out Laythe.
  4. Hello raidernick, the sounding rockets in your pack are quite dear to me... I do merely have a minor aesthetic inquiry: will the aerobee solid rocket booster nozzle ever get a black texture variant?
  5. @SpeedyB Albeit an ancient post, I do agree with kerbinspacecommand, your spherical greenhouse would make a great addition to the various life support mods. Is there any chance of you ever digging it out again?
  6. edit: ah, i missed out on the DefaultShaderAssignments-LC-POD.cfg and the LC2-POD-MET.dss, which creates the lattice. Hello Shadowmage, I tried to create a personalized variant of the two-person-lander-can without the solar panels on top of it. I changed the .dds, hoping it would suffice to turn the solar cell grid texture grey. However, in KSP the grid itself is still being rendered. I exported the .mu to Blender but I found no trace of such a grid texture on the "plates" and they aren't part of the model list in LC2-Pod.cfg either. Could you maybe give me a little hint? I just <3 the very kerbal style of your lander cans.
  7. My bad, I had the realChute mod in the vanguard folder, hence it lingered still in my setup and it's the cause of the transparent kerbal chute. I guess I will have to figure out how to instruct MM to remove realChute's EVA parachute for a compatibility patch. Thanks. I will add logs and a screenshot later on... sorry.
  8. Hello, i tried to disable stock parachutes with the MM patch as pasted above. Now I get a transparent stock parachute instead, on top of your parachutes. Any ideas how to circumvent it? Thank you. KSP 1.5.1 Removed all other mods, but that did not help either.