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  1. Okay thank you, will try to see if i can fix it, its likely that its corrupted some way.
  2. Sure, here it is. I added 4 comments where I performed the unlink and relink actions for broken and working pipes. https://ufile.io/q0pjn
  3. The problematic part is that one out of three works. But my whole setup is MKS tundra parts except Flexotube connectors which use KASModuleStrut as their base. To be even more specific, Tundra recycler is connected into MKS-Strut with flexotube. It does recognize the vessels and which is dominant, but for some reason these other cases leave the attachedPart as null. I built your LEGACY but it didnt help, im using something older that doesnt bring the legacy folder with it, or its just the functionality of mod manager. But no i'm not using latest KAS, i had to downgrade due to some mods werent supporting latest Kerbal.
  4. @IgorZ Hi, I've encountered bug with KAS struts, they work in every other aspect except letting me pump fuel, the option wont appear for me to pump fuel for other pipes than one, no matter what. In other words only one pipe works in my base, but others wont let me pump fuel. I've tried to directly modify save file to activate pumping, but it will always stop their pumping during load already and override the save file in the end. To be exact, they are actually reskins from MKS (Flex'o tube), but the creator already disbanded similar issue as 'KAS problem'. Is this known issue with workaround, the other issue was pretty old, but I couldn't find any info of similar problems. I tried to do some debugging on the case with code from the repo and sofar I haven't found anything revealing, but it seems that the `attachedPart` is not being marked for the two objects when they are being docked by the code.
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