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  1. Forget about the antenna, who really needs a chine-antenna. There are already a lot of amazing parts in this mod. Btw, I really like the new engines
  2. Attach the Mk.2 parts to the mount or vice versa? Future Requests:
  3. Would be great if the IR parts could be controlled with the KAL control-unit. Great work, ZodiusInfuser and Rudolf Meier !
  4. Does IR Next work with the latest version + both DLCs ?
  5. Hopefully there are more than only the two shown robotic parts. Not sure if that DLC will beat Infernal Robotics.
  6. In [my_KSP_root]/Gamedata/ I can only see one MM file which I manuelly installed not a long time ago. I think a mod with included MM overwrote the new one OR inside any subfolder there is another Module Manager (I'm not sure if it gets executed in subdirectories) I haven't faced any problem with Module Manager so far - until now But thanks for your help @CT96B and @Pappystein
  7. Sarnus-SIVB-LAM and Sarnus-SIVB-LAM(F) Fairings are open in the editor & Launchpad! How to close them?
  8. It should still work. But can you show me the recompile of the old IR?
  9. What about the compatibility of surface-attached parts from Third-party mods? Or cargo bays ? Are the wheels still stable while long animations ? any connected (stock) sub-part ? If that's true, great work, Katten !
  10. In 1.5.1 some textures from squad are not reachable while booting ksp I think (I'm not sure)