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  1. Intristing so any one else willing to share what they have been doing in regards to deep space exploration
  2. ok so i sent 3 kerbals on a one way deep space mission to explore i have the near future tec mod instaled so for power they have a fusion reactor and a fule recycler but it has ither the reactor provides just a tiny bit to little power or heat. so I have an emergency solar array installed on it so i am wondering what have any of you done thats similar?
  3. welp my PC that i play KSP on died so crap...... it cant power on anymore
  4. ok well excuse me but i just figured is all ok? but it would be nice if it was part of the base game is all i am trying to say.
  5. it would make it so that i dont have to open the game files to add a mod first off to install a mod like CKAN also they could make it whare you just download the zip file from it- ok i am basically describing a feature from cosmotear. just its easyer
  6. yes but i would prefer it to be in the base game instead of as a mod.
  7. @SQUAD ok we need this one please at least add this for us.
  8. the tittle basically says it all but it would effectively allow someone to enable and disable mods and download mods without messing with the game files.
  9. yes this is exactly what should be added in next update
  10. May I suggest more ion engine variants such as perhaps a larger one that give more thrust but then consumes more power and xeon gas.
  11. oh by landed too hard i ment that the chutes didn't work at all and the kebals had to effectively bail out as there craft spiraled out of control because it lacked a control surface on one of the wings......still need to get better. but they survived and hiked to the person they were trying to rescue. so now 2 kerbals stranded on a rock with only a 1 seater craft thats horribly damaged. ima probably set orbit cheat on the rescuers and try once more this time with control surfaces and better engines. also fingers cross lot of that in KSP.(one seater is all thats left of rescuers craft is the extra seat that ended up being only part to survive along with one pilot)
  12. ok well good to know i am no longer novice despite crashing twice
  13. ok tried this rescuers now need rescue as they landed a bit too hard
  14. sand box more for practice and to test designs. also to improve my skill
  15. ok it is no longer orbiting kerban is is closer to duna then kerban better?
  16. ok thanks for advice also it has already left orbit was more asking for advice to return to kerban with out cheating.will post screen shot soon of ship and map. ima try to come up with a solution if i have any more questions will ask thanks guys.
  17. the engine is just under powered also one of the pods solar panels got damaged when the booster separated and yes it was intended to be orbiting instead it is on a collision course with duna any advice as to how to stop this? and yes it escaped orbit.
  18. accidentally escaped orbit....used bit to big of a booster.
  19. so my first mission in creative was a partal succes it made it to orbit but had to much momentum and is drifting off to space it has a ion engine to slow down any ideas on what to do?
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