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  1. Holy cow, I'm the oringinal author of this mod, and I was pretty blown away when I saw it on CKAN. I've been away from the game from a long time busy with uni, and I didn't realise that there was enough interest in my tiny little mod to update it! @linuxgurugamer, @Senshi, and @Gribbleshnibit8 thank you so much for maintaining this. If there's any question about permission, I give you full rights to the source; and if you have any questions about the code, I'll be happy to help with anything.
  2. Re-uploaded to Curse, link here: http://www.curse.com/ksp-mods/kerbal/221765-champagne-bottle
  3. Updated to v0.2, adding the ability to change word patterns, add user word lists, the ship chass now auto-detects the type of vessel you're building, and you can now get ship names in the "Kerbal language" :3 Coming soon, the ability to set word patterns to only apply to a certain type of vessel, change the ship class letters, and mannually change the vessel type.
  4. Thank you! In case anyone is wondering, it is totally ok to edit the word lists as described above, and even distribute them for others to use (you don't need to attribute me since they'll already know who made the mod ). The program takes words from the four word lists (verbing.text is depreciated and is not used) and combined them in one of 5 name patterns: <class> <adjective> <noun> <class> <adjective> <title> <class> <title> <class> <person>'s <noun> <class> <noun>'s <noun> These are presently hardcoded
  5. @TimMartland, jfull: thank you very much! ^^ I am considering doing this, but for now it simply draws words from the same file. Later I will add the ability to customise word patterns, and that would be a good oppurtunity to add a systam that can do that. FlightGlobals.* only works when the vessel is in flight, and this plugin is meant to be used in the editor, but thanks anyway
  6. A while ago I saw a request in the suggestions forum that was asking for a way to have the game generate ship names for the player. I realised that I'm always having trouble deciding on names, so I made this little plugin to help. Simply click the little button on the toolbar marked "CB" to open the menu, and poll the KSC workers what they think the ship would be named (please note, you may have to undergo some "workforce restructuring" before you get good suggestions). This plugin uses blizzy78′s ToolBar plugin, included in the download. Thanks to: - TaranisElsu, for his code examples
  7. Heya peoples, I'm trying to get code in a PartModule to access a method inside an instance of KSPAddon. KSP creates an instance of the KSPAddon when the scene starts, but I don't know what this instance would be called or how I would access it. Any ideas how I would do this? Thanks, Jim
  8. Don't worry, I play DF as well, so evidently I think more complexity is a good thing x3 After all, the more complex the system is, there more player options are possible, and more options means more interesting gameplay experiences!
  9. Alright, I'll contact SkyRender :3 Thanks, guys :3
  10. Hi, I'm jimj316 and I've been lurking these forums since about 0.14 As you all know, recently the long-awaited and much delayed stock resource mining was finally shelved for good, such to the dismay of many in the community. Now, while I respect the decision of the developers (it's their game, after all) I can't help but feel disappointed by this decision; it honestly seems like a very good idea, and not really that difficult to implement. I had the idea of making a mod to implement the system myself. The mod would attempt to stay as faithful to the developer's original plan (see: http://i.im
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