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  1. Thelizard

    Graphics Glitch

    Same thing happened with me when I updated to 1.5.0 and the issue turned out to be solved by simply deleting the folder ZDeprecated in the squad gamedata folder, Hope this works for you too. -thelizard
  2. Thelizard

    macOS users PLEASE READ!

    My problem was the wouldn't fully load the game yet the force open wouldn't work, this is all part of Apple's virus prevention software and can easily be bypassed The Quick easy fix is to: step 1 Install KSP with the zip, by dragging the game folder in applications step 2 Hold down command and drag the KSP application to your desktop, then command drag it back (must be command dragged as you need to move it not make an alias) Step 3 Open game and play normally
  3. Thelizard

    KSP video background Music

    Looking for music that appeal to the Ksp community for a channel debuting in April, Music Requirements: -Copyright free -free -preferably without lyrics If you have any suggestions give me a song title and link below, -theLizard
  4. Thelizard

    New Channel

    Considering creating a new KSP channel and would like suggestions for a first mission Thanks!