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  1. Hi, fellows! I have one question which I posted it the Galileo's OPM thread but didn't get any answer... So maybe here someone could tell me if celestial bodies from addon planets packs can have contract reward modifiers? I tried to find it by myself almost everywhere (this thread, CC docs, Kopernicus thread and docs...), but nothing. I need it for my custom contract packs which I want to properly interact with OPM and if it's a hardcoded feature of KSP I have to implement it myself in contracts code...
  2. Hi @Galileo ! I'm writing some contract packs and want to know if OPM bodies have contract reward modifiers? As I understand, it is hardcoded feature for only stock bodies cause I didn't see any in your configs or in Kopernicus documentation. If it's so, I guess I have to implement it by myself in contracts...
  3. OK, thx a lot friend I had a similar guess at the beginning of my search but couldn't find anything in MM wiki (which is strange...). After your reply I came to the MM thread and found some info. Surely I should have done it before writing a post, so sorry for that ... and again thanks for your reply))
  4. Hi guys! I'm trying to write some patches to rebalance several Kerbalism features in my own vision and I can't figure out one thing – what is zzzKerbalism is used in :FOR[ ] sections of many configs? Is it some part of Kerbalism DLL or what? When should I use :FOR(BEFORE/AFTER)[zzzKerbalism] instead of :FOR[Kerbalism]?
  5. Game ver. 1.5.1, I've installed it just an hour ago, that's the screenshot (I've refreshed CKAN right before making it):
  6. @linuxgurugamer Sorry for disturbing you with such a little thing, it's just FYI - CKAN insallation of this refers to the old release of FMRS v1.1.0.1 in recommended mods.
  7. Ok, game version is 1.5.1 and I have a very heavily modded game but I don't think that it matters. I hope these screenshots will explain the issue:
  8. Hello to everyone, I'm new to this forum @linuxgurugamer I have a veeery little issue with CKAN installing. The problem is that the installation of Recycled Parts RSCapsuledyne contains "Ships" folder from Recycled Parts Farscape and attempts to rewrite it so results an error. I don't want to install the full pack so I've just manually edited CKAN's registry.json but it's not the best solution. So could you please fix this?