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  1. Think in the same vein as the premium version of Fallout with the PitBoy kit. Custom controllers and KSP go hand in hand, having that conceptualized through the game creator's lens would be worth a $150 price tag for Game w/ DLC season pass and a licensed kontroller kit, imo!!
  2. A good friend of mine and myself have been tossing around some portion of this idea for the better part of a year. During this time, I have been upgrading my rigs and getting settled into my new house. I am 33/m/Dallas, TX, Stay @ home father of 2. My friend and I are coming up on getting some free time to commit to this project. It is for us 1st and foremost, we are founding members of the Lithobraking Research Society! Having something of our creation help create a larger community and presence around KSP would be a complete honor though!
  3. Yes! all the things!!! We are really excited to see with the help of high processing power and select mods, we can bring some really unique and entertaining content! We agree, Space Races are the best! As more things get built into their place, we will for sure be linking all information about it here on the forums and also everywhere else there are KSP communities!
  4. Have you been sneaking peeks at my whiteboard? I agree, there are some current mods that would allow for missions to be completed via mock-mission controls. If enough of a following emerges, you could even have different Agencies that simultaneously competed towards a common goal... .. it could even be discovered that departments such as KARPA may have more secrets hidden than Jeb or Some new recruit can even imagine!
  5. Agreed 110% I will be playing this game till I no longer breathe. I am at such a lose of words that this game would be loosing users... Considering it is approved by everyone, including the professional community! The KSPverse has so much potential still! .. the previews for the upcoming update prove that!
  6. blurry indeed! The Kraken was much more powerful then!
  7. Hello fellow Nauts! A few members of the Community and I are working within a SAP currently. More information will definitely be made available when possible. What can be said of it now is the following: - There are individuals who have some ideas for making content for entertainment using Kerbal. - Content can include, but is not limited to: - Comedy mini series - Streamed competitions (both regulated and anything goes) - Creation of new characters within the KSPverse. - Streamed behind the scenes of content capture/creation. - Access for Community invol
  8. Any updates to the Simpits fellow Nuats? I am working on my own project and am wanting to go the RPM to secondary MFDs (maybe thrustmaster cougars?). I would love a way to get cam footage through them as well. if I have a either an external cam, or a targeting pod, being able to see that footage through those MFD screens. Also, I would think that Telemachus would be a great addition to these types of projects.
  9. when you place a camera boom onto your craft, how do you switch to their respective view? Using BDArmory.
  10. Hey fellow Nauts, Wanting to see if anyone is down to play some multiplayer? We can do pure stock or even add in some BDA or whatever. Luna Multiplayer is what I planned on using. Let me know, I am so red eye to play!
  11. https://imgur.com/rijygsb https://imgur.com/mQTWuTW https://imgur.com/3L50iH3 https://imgur.com/OEKGISz
  12. How? I can't find how to add pics directly into my messages.
  13. In the description of the controller, it says "It's not an entirely autonomous entity... yet..." OMG OMG OMG.. Stock MechJeb!!!!
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