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  1. now all thats needed is for somone to make a mod for the axiom orbital segment, and the canceled components for the iss and we are golden . but ksp 2 will probs release before that. speaking of which are these mods gonna be ported to ksp 2?
  2. i mean if you swap the center engine and add a fuel tank or two it could be a decent cargo lander
  3. cool i look forward to see it , no need to feel rushed , artemis 2 has yet to even start:)
  4. cropped flying the shuttle is not (too) hard it just takes some tries to figure out, I tend to renter at a 15 degree angle (that's the control mod you can switch the benjee shuttle cockpit control direction too so its angled 15 degrees above prograde on rentry. as for launching it takes a bit of getting used to, the asymmetry means you don't wanna go crazy with turn rates, do a gradual one. hope this might help! also the shuttle behaves bad on non 2.5-2.7 scale systems in my experience.
  5. Saturn shuttle you say? I exclusivly use this to launch the shuttle, it lets me send it out furthur out and you can take the entire external tank to orbit using it.
  6. nice! (little question though will this break compatability with the kertemis and konstellation mods?)
  7. Try the latest version. of the game, that should work perfectly fine, I don't think the bdb team has enough time to test every old ksp version to ensure compatibility so using the newest ksp version is always going to be the most bug and error free.
  8. yea but tbh the dyna soar is a bit boring, you should try paragliding down like i did with this (totally not ripped off of ETS concept)
  9. I've been following this mod since near the beginning of it,. I got my hands on the first version of it before it was taken down leme tell you, you will be in for a treat with this mod. (as long as your pc is not a potato)
  10. bdb saturn Ib works perfect for me, recomend starting your gravity turn right before when you hit the clouds then from there try to be at 45 degreesish by 20-25km usually you will shoot right out of the atmosphere. the bdb sarnus rockets have good gimble from the regor engines and are really easy to fly in general so i never tend to need mechjeb
  11. the lrv works well, only issue seams to be it liking to bounce severely when first spawning in if spawned in on its own.
  12. eh it touched on the early design proposals such as flyback boosters, Saturn shuttle and the iterative design process of the orbiter in the first studies starting from the first lifting body proposal that was created as a proposal for the amerika-bomber Germany was researching during ww2. this first proposal in history of a lifting body spacecraft involved a rocket on a rail accelerating down a 1km long rail then boosting up to the edge of the atmosphere and skipping along it, dropping a bomb payload over the united states then continuing to skip along the atmosphere until reaching a base in the Japanese empire in the pacific. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Silbervogel
  13. i actually have an entire 15lb book set on the development and design of the shuttles. and interestingly it never touched on the block II shuttle concept.
  14. I kit bashed a shuttle with wing strakes. and its not actually the hardest thing to kitbash wing strakes for the shuttle as long as you have a steady hand with your mouse and know how to use offset tools precisely. been thinking about recording a tutorial for stuff like that at some point so people can learn some of the tricks I know regarding the offset tool and the quirks it has.
  15. Currently toying with a cursed idea to mix the lunar gateway station concept with Apollo and Skylab derived components (basically a massive mess of components)
  16. you are a saint, i was just about to start kitbashing my own before finding this right before that.
  17. that's gonna need some really dense snack packaging (but i find the idea of sending the mercury program to mercury more funny personally)
  18. btw zorg unsure if you have seen this document but heres a study that was done on skylab reuse if your interested (has diagrams of new moduals added after the 25kw solar array is added) https://ntrs.nasa.gov/citations/19790011998
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