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  1. In this case my probe is currently on its way to Minmus on a very long arc that'll take several days. The retrograde direction is moving, but imperceptibly slow (5 degrees a day, or thereabouts). I have my program switch off SAS before it tries to point retrograde (I tried it with both SAS on and off actually, but similar results in both cases) I'll see if I can film it and post a video.
  2. It worked! Thank you both! It now runs when I load the ship I feel like the Docs really ought to have the "set core:bootfilename" because I don't know how I would have found that out otherwise. Thank god for this thread. Is there a more comprehensive glossary/manual than the https://ksp-kos.github.io website? Anyway, now I have another problem though, and I've spent 30mins googling this but to no avail! My "Lock STEERING to SHIP:RETROGRADE." command is, er, a bit chaotic. The ships spins around wildly. It looks like it's trying to point retrograde but never settles, even if I bump the "wait" command up to 2 minutes before unlocking the steering. The odd thing is, is that if I use "Lock STEERING to HEADING(90,0)" it has no problem - it rotates to face that heading on the navball, and then stops rotating, in just a few seconds. I dunno if it's a bug (can't find anyone with the problem through google), but it looks like what I need to do is write some code that gets the retrograde co-ordinates and turns it into a heading() command. Trouble is, I can't find out how to do that either! I managed to find the commad "SET SASMODE TO "RETROGRADE"." in a PDF somewhere, but sadly my probe is just an OKTO and doesn't have that ability. In retrospect, given that my probe doesn't have the ability to set SAS to retrograde, I shouldn't be able to program it to do so anyway
  3. Hmm I think I must be doing something wrong. I decided to test this by creating a new program (in fact, the only program) on my probe's kOS device called "test", which i placed in a "boot" folder ("1:/boot/test"). The code is super simple: wait until ship:unpacked. Lock STEERING to SHIP:RETROGRADE. wait 3. unlock steering. Then I went back to the tracking station, and then I went back to the probe. I expected it the run the program and cause the probe to rotate to face retrograde, but nothing happened. SAS is on and the probe has power and a reaction wheel, so what went wrong? I assume it's something simple and I'm being an idiot!
  4. Thanks both! It sounds like a "boot file" is what I want. I think I've found the relevant bit in the docs: https://ksp-kos.github.io/KOS_DOC/general/volumes.html#special-handling-of-files-in-the-boot-directory If I understand this correctly (and i probably don't, because the docs are way beyond my layman knowledge!), I need to do the following: create a "boot" directory on the ship's CPU volume, and put my program in it switch to the vessel (thus causing the program to begin running immediately) before it reaches the relevant point where a manoeuvre needs to be made sit back and wait for the program to execute all its code then I can safely switch out to another vessel / space centre or whatever If I've got that right then that's more than good enough
  5. Hi, wondering if someone could answer a quick question for me. I'm fairly inexperienced with KOS. I have a probe going to minmus and I won't be able to communicate with it when it gets there. So I've written a simple program to automate its orbital insertion, and intend to run that program just before it goes out of comm range. It'll get there 7 days later, so the program will be running for 7 days, waiting for the right moment before performing the insertion. In that time window, I intend to switch to other vessels and do other stuff. I've read conflicting information around the internet that KOS will and won't work in such situations. So perhaps you can clarify: will my plan work? Thanks!
  6. Does the laboratory work the same way with Kerbalism as it does in stock? There isn't a lot of reference to it in the documentation, so I assume so, but it would be good to have confirmation. (I barely know how it works in Stock but this wiki page was very informative: https://wiki.kerbalspaceprogram.com/wiki/Mobile_Processing_Lab_MPL-LG-2)
  7. I'm fairly sure I had a good look around for something like that, but I might have missed it. Thanks - I'll have another look later today. This sounds ideal, but I'm too much of a newb to know what it means..! If I can guess though: I need to create a file with a very particular name and stick it in "volume 0" ? Thanks for the quick responses though. I'm loving this mod and have had great fun trying to make a "suicide burn" program for my mun landings. It's an incredibly deep mod so I'll probably be back with more questions in the future!
  8. Alright I'm a bit new to this and I'm sure this has come up before so I apologise in advance but... How do I open the console on the launch pad if the computer is inside a shroud? I can't click on the part
  9. Thanks for this, though unfortunately I'm not seeing any reference to the Communotron 8 in that file or to the figure of 1.75Mm. I assume the range is being calculated from some other figure in this file - but which?
  10. Hi guys, I'm trying to edit the range of the Communotron 8. In the VAB, the part description gives its range as 1.75Mm. But in the mod files, I can't find this figure. I'm looking in Parts > ShortAntenna > kerbalism-antenna.cfg, and the only bit that looks remotely connected (ahaw) to range is "rescaleFactor", set to 0.666. But when I fiddle with that, it still shows as 1.75Mm in the description in the VAB. Any ideas? (apologies if this is actually simple, I'm a bit rubbish with mods!)
  11. Hmm perhaps there is. I'm using a lot of mods in addition, including Kerbalism, so perhaps there's some interference there too. I'm a little worried about losing my career progress if I start messing with the install though. Instead, I think I might try this: I'll make the range on the small omnidirectional antenna (which I never otherwise use) a Very Big Number, and stick that on anything I want to simulate. Line-of-sight will still be an issue in case I ever simulate on the far side of the Mun or something, but I can live with that I think. Thanks.
  12. Hi all, I see this thread isn't very active but I'm hoping people still watch it... I'm using KRASH with RemoteTech and I've found this presents a problem. When I simulate a probe orbiting the Mun, I find that I have no connection to it - so naturally I can't control it and actually do my simulation! RemoteTech requires that a directional antenna be pointed at a target to get a connection, but this can't be done in advance of starting the simulation. Is there any way around this? Thanks!
  13. Thank you! In retrospect, rather stupid of me to not check for a new version... I installed the latest RemoteTech, tested it, and it works. Thanks for your help
  14. I seem to be having a very annoying problem and I can't figure it out. I'm finding that I still have full control over my uncrewed probes, even when there's no connection at all to the space centre (for example, if I've retracted all antennas). It will say "No connection" in the top-left corner, but I can still control all parts, as though I had full connection. I'm using Kerbalism and RemoteTech. I've started career mode with "Enable Comm Network" (under Basic) switched on and "Require Signal for Control" (under Advanced) switched on as well. When the game starts and I check settings, I notice "Enable Comm Network" has been switched back off (presumably by the mods so they can use their own system). As far as I can tell there are no other settings - in stock or in the mods - which determine whether a signal is needed for control. Anyone have any ideas what might be causing this? Edit: Just to clarify what I'm doing here: I load KSP v1.5.1.2335 with Kerbalism and RemoteTech v.1.8.13 (no other mods) Start sandbox mode, with "Enable Comm Network" switched on and "Require Signal for Control" switched on as well (when the game loads, "Enable Comm Network" is switched back to off) Create a vessel with a probe core, reaction wheel and antenna, and launch it Retract the antenna so that there is no connection to the space centre Turns out I can still wobble the craft around I didn't have this problem when I was just using RemoteTech.