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  1. I have seen some light mentions but nothing concrete or official, but does anyone know if the new experiment sensors are biome specific or if one set covers the entire planet/moon?
  2. Ok, posted a bug at There are two craft that reliably show the problem...especially the first one.
  3. Yea I am still having trouble with it...even going vanilla...I thought this was how you let SQUAD know
  4. Can't be too dead...they released an update just weeks ago.
  5. While in flight I made some changes to some parachutes, but it only changed one of the chutes. Both chutes were installed symmetrically. This isn't the first time, I have had trouble in the past...trying to adjust one item, and it sometimes not being synced with its clones.
  6. Sorry about that...I have been jumping between Vanilla and Modded versions with Rover Test F. I knew the others have mod parts...though I also had problems where I stripped Science Rover Mk I of all Modded parts but when I would load it in Vanilla KSP the "mediumstoragecontainer " threw a part not loaded issue, and would not show in the Debug parts list. Yes, my version matches what you have listed.
  7. Tug Probe Mk 1 is the one shown in the image. For the hinge issues I mention: Rover Test F is a vanilla rover. Science Rover Mk I and Mk II use mod parts.
  8. I have a similar problem with hinges not moving when they should. Autostruts turned off on all parts.
  9. Looks like this isn't the only issue. On a rover I am building, I am using the hinges to have it folded when on a ship and unfold when its ready to drive. If I have autostruts on, they won't unfold, and when all autostruts are off they will. It will also work if there is a pilot in the seat I added in the front. I also expect them to fall down when part way out and I disengage the motor, but it does not. Its weird though because if you set struts to root they only go up to the henge, so they shouldn't be stuck.
  10. I am early mid game (everything up to and including 160 science items unlocked) and I am finding while Squad related command systems (probes and command capsules) have increasing amounts of storage, those added in by mods still only have 512kb of storage. Will Kerbalism eventually support other command systems as far as reasonable data storage?
  11. Will I be able to use the parts ok if I remove the TacLifeSupport.dll file? I like using Kerblism, but also like the TAC parts.
  12. When debugging a possible mod issue, I want to remove all mods that don't have any parts being involved so I know what I can remove without breaking my ship. Maybe there is already one, but if not, could someone make a mod that lists all parts making a ship, and the mod that provides that part, and a file location.
  13. I dont know any mods that would interfere. I have infernal robotics installed but am not using any of it's parts or anything for this.
  14. Oh, that log file. I play on a mac so its player.log. Here is all lines upto and including SFS that mention noseConeAdapter.cfg. I uploaded the log file to 02082019
  15. Well I tried a few things a few different times and to no success. I posted a video of a test at I missed it initially but at 0:40, as things start moving, the extenders were suppose to travel to full extention. You can see in the PAW that, even though it's target is 4.8, its staying at 0, and no power is going to make it move. You can see the same going on in the included image. Litterally all I am doing is choosing one of three positions. Wish I could just make buttons that do that, not timelimes.
  16. Any way to figure that out besides removing 1/2 of mods and repete going back and forth until the solution is found?
  17. I am building a space tug that moves its arms out of the way from the object it is towing and re-aims it's main thrusters located on the arms based on direction of travel. I am trying to use weak motors to save cost and weight, but I am finding that the toggle locked actions don't do any good. They dont seem to trigger and toggling requires them to be in the right state to start. I wish there was a way to say at the start of a movement unlock that part, and once moving is complete to lock it again. Also setting the play head to 0 after getting to the end is nice too so I dont have to add those steps into the custom action groups.
  18. After fighting with CKAN (which is buggy as heck on a mac) and 1.7.3 settled in, I am trying to get playing on of my favorite games. For some reason though it won't start up. Some mod is having some problem...I don't know who or why. In the past I have uploaded my logs and got answers back fairly quickly which solved the issue....either incompatible mods or duplicate mods or something. I know I can do that again...and again....and again, like other players do, but I want to learn how to identify issues. Is there a tool that helps you understand what is going wrong or what do you look for? 30MB log files are a lot to go through.
  19. I mean having two so once one is used you can use the other in a different biome. Oh also, can we have a way to AND auto scripts togeather? I want to be able to say turn device on if, and only if ship is both high power and in sun.
  20. When I perform an orbital telescope observation, it generates 1100 Mits (Millions of bits equivalent??) of data. Use to be I could transmit that data back over time. Now something I can do early in the game is going to be either late game or I will need to attach dozens or hundreds of probe systems on one ship. Shouldn't there be both the overall storage given by probes, but then each science device has it's own data buffer that it can use to store the sample it just acquired to feed to the computer when there is space free. A repeatable device single sample device (as opposed to something like the thermometer) then has to wait for the buffer to completely empty before taking another sample. Data priorities would be useful for that. Also, why if I attach 2 goo observation canisters can I only run one per ship?
  21. Science Alert is no longer working for me in 1.7.1 but its not that bad!