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  1. The Discovery had already landed on Mun, Minimus, Moho, Eve, Gilly, Duna, Ike, Dres, Bop, Pol and Vall and was en route to Eeloo. I decided to refuel her on a passing-by asteroid. Then everything went FUBAR. Hit the wrong key, then hit the asteroid. From outside, I noticed two Gigantors missing, and as Bob broke the third EVAing on Bop, this left me with one. Then I realized the collision destroyed contents of cargo bay. All the reaction wheels and batteries, leaving only these in command pod. AND MY MATERIALS BAY WITH ALL THE DATA AND SAMPLES FROM LANDINGS. And no quicksave, either There was enough fuel to put Discovery on solar orbit between Duna and Dres, R/Ved with a tanker and returned to Kerbin. On a retrograde orbit. I'm trying to deorbit in one piece tomorrow.
  2. Landed a spacecraft on Moho. Had Bob take a hike to the nearest peak. Took nearly 2 hours realtime, all the EVA propellant and 20 m/s ground impact. He survived. How about we could plot a route for Kerbal / Rover that one could automatically follow? Even with half speed, whatever. Especially that, save the Mohole, there are no landscape features that could kill a Kerbal.
  3. Finally landed a crew on Moho: In quite a big ship (seven sets of ladders to get down from the cockpit) The Discovery is powered by four NERVs and three Darts, with one bow and one aft drill to replenish fuel on the way. The route was Mun (no refuel, landed on poor soil), Minmus (refuel), Gilly (refuel, had to retract legs so the drill would reach the surface), two asteroids near Moho orbit and then... ...had to dispatch two tankers, of which the first had too low dV and delivered a lowly 1200 units of fuel. Now, time for outer planets
  4. Flown Queen Anne's Revenge into deep space. After Jool slingshot and burning everything (took over 24 hrs real time on 4x warp - its Jool distance and only 6 out of 20 panels illuminated) she's over 16 km/s and trajectory only extends as far as 8 years. I wonder what lies out there... Pro'ly Kraken
  5. So the hydrofoils work normally? I was wondering about lift&drag in the water.
  6. Built something for sheer fun. Learned that launching highly assymetrical craft can go wrong: Horribly wrong: ...or just plain wrong: But finally, there she is, ready for pirating: the Queen Anne's Revenge. ...and she rocks the waves as she goes. Side effect of offset NERVs and nose-mounted vernor compensating attitude Arr, matey! Make'em walk the airlock!
  7. Kinda finished manned kerbed Moho mission. And my "I don't design ships, I build them" strategy backfired more than once. So what I learned the hard way: 1) A 9-ton lander kinda saps the delta-v 2) One can always launch a number of tankers to resupply on the way, as long as consumables aren't included in game time is not a problem. 3) RCS placement on a tanker might save a lot of swearing - or otherwise. 4) A lander with 0.27 TWR ain't very good for landing on atmosphereless planet with 0.27g gravity. It did land in one piece, but with 10% fuel left. 5) I still need to bring them home
  8. Build your first lander ever. I mean undock-land-do business-takeoff-dock one, not the land-and-return spaceship. Couple it to the crew pod and mount the engine in front, well ain't that obvious? Apollo LM was docked nose to nose with CM, right? Realize "in progress" that 1) now prograde means retrograde 2) For the RCS too and... 3) Your kerbonauts go EVA head down. Which matters little on low gravity bodies, like Gilly here.
  9. Gotta admit, I skipped the docking tutorial. Then my Duna return mission (one that couldn't place lander on Ike or transmit from probes) fell victim to xenon depletion bug. Luckily, it had enough to end up on a highly eccentric orbit around Kerbin. Bulit a rescue probe. Did a rendezvous. Realised I can't dock it. Didn't learn how to. Well, whatever. Waited for apokeum, oriented the manned kerbed ship retrograde. Moved the rescue craft bumper to bumper. Guess what, it worked 8) Decreased perikeum below 80km, aerobraking did the rest. Experiment data intact, crew safe (after rolling down the steep hill).
  10. KSP Version: v1.5.1.2335 Windows 64-bit, new What Happens: Opening a previously closed xenon tank results in instant depletion of said tank. Mods / Add-Ons: All Stock Steps to Replicate: Launch any ship with ion propulsion and (in my case) two X-750 tanks Close one of the tanks to keep fuel reserve. Spend any xenon from the other tank Reopen the tank Xenon content in said tank drops instantly from 5700 to zero
  11. My first attempt with probe carrier and lander. Aim: drop probes on Duna and land Kerbals on Ike. The trial and error and frequent save method revealed the following shortcomings: 1) The probes lack antennae to transmit science. 2) Lander has insufficent fuel to touchdown, not to mention reorbiting from Ike. 3) Lander can be embarked via EVA, but not disembarked due to obstructed hatch. Anything else works just fine. The party will get EVA reports (and fix this and that reports) from above Ike and return.
  12. Hi, I'm new here Honestly, bought the game like 2 weeks ago. Started with tutorials, up to Mun mission. Then my own trials - sub-orbital, then an attempt to orbit. Then re-ran orbiting tutorial (too steep ascent). Then I tried a Mun orbit. Didn't learn about gravity slingshot, though. Goodbye Whatshisname Kerman, stranded on solar orbit with no fuel. Then I read a gravity slingshot article
  13. How about allowing a 4x time warp while accelerating at miniscule values (up to 2 m/ss)? Ion thruster burns take sooo long. (However, I find it surprisingly relaxing, watching the orbit to in/deflate sooooo slowly )
  14. A rather simple but less fuel-effective solution is to keep vertical ascent until 15-20km and turn to orbit only then. Thus: 1) less turning force when thrust vector is not aligned with center of drag 2) even if the rocket starts to tumble, it will still climb. Then cut the engine and restart it when nose points between 0 and 90 deg in your desired prograde direction. You will gain some speed, and eventually regian stability once you clear the denser atmosphere. (Above works in normal difficulty, haven't checked in harder diff levels)
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