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  1. Is it possible to disable the warnings that pop up every time KSP loads? It isn't a fatal warning it just says that some parts can't be scaled, which is fine, I just don't like the warning appearing every time I launch the game.
  2. Got it to work: in the configs change: @PART[examplepart]:HAS[!MODULE[TRR_Reflection]]:NEEDS[TextureReplacerReplaced] { %MODULE[TRR_Reflection] { %name = TRR_Reflection %shader = ShaderNG/TR_Reflective_Emissive_Alpha to: @PART[examplepart]:HAS[!MODULE[TRReflection]]:NEEDS[TextureReplacer] { %MODULE[TRReflection] { %name = TRReflection %shader = Reflective/Bumped Diffuse --EDIT-- also for some reason in stationpartsredux part names were changed to start with "sspx" so you have to change that too.
  3. Wow, 5 layers! I deleted a few and its a lot better thanks!
  4. Using the windowshine for 1.2 and the latest texture replacer works for stock parts in 1.6, but now reflections in all the additional parts packs don't work. i.e. stationpartsexpansionredux. I tried messing with the configs but I couldn't get anything.
  5. Little issue, with BoulderCo installed I cant see resource scans on Eve (the planet) because it is covered in clouds. I also cant tell where I'm going to land, this may be more realistic, but how has anyone else landed on Eve? Half the time I end up in the middle of the ocean and capsize. A partial fix is using the biome scanner, but it isn't very precise and entering into Eve's atmoshere the conic patch line doesn't point exactly where I will land due to drag. EDIT - screenshot
  6. is it possible to get these to work with windowshine mod? or another way to get window reflections? I think the one on Windowshine's page is outdated. edit: nevermind I had to mess with the configs
  7. KJR destroys my framerate. Without it I get around 120 fps, with it I get 20
  8. The stock sunflare is showing over the new one, I have kopernicus installed. The link to the sunflare fix config doesn't work
  9. Moons aren't eclipsing when behind the planet? Also conic patch lines are all over the place: https://imgur.com/a/Q1iHgHs
  10. Thank you, the config got rid of the main flare but there are still a few circles from the ghosts, really not that big of a deal. As for the black line, it only appears when I have Kopernicus + Scatterer. If I only have Scatterer it doesn't appear.
  11. I have 3 issues that I have tracked down to kopernicus, minor but worth mentioning: 1. No visuals in Main Menu 2. A superimposed sun flare is on top of my scatterer sun flare. The superimposed one doesn't instantly diappear when the sun is covered by a planet, it slowly fades away. 3. A thick black bar over the horizon when on a planet. Anyone know about any fixes?
  12. What sun flare is that in the nebula and deep space images?
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