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  1. Yeah I will keep an eye out for in, thanks.
  2. I curious to what your going to add. Is there a feature in Docking Camera that I can't find or getting added, that has what Docking Port Alignment mod has with the yellow icon, I don't know name, here is pic: I find that useful to control those green vertical and horizontal lines. It kind of gives me a prediction where things are going to be. I end up now using both mods, this one and that one. I kind of want to replace one and maybe use the Dock Camera mod exclusive.
  3. @linuxgurugamerNice, thanks for updating this and making it better. I probably will wait until you official release it, so I can get it on CKAN. I hope CKAN lets me know its updated to your version, since I am subbed to the old Z-Key version.
  4. Yeah just to disable it. Toolbar Controller is something that tells the icon to go in Stock bar or Blizzy Toolbar or both.
  5. I am going to be the guy who ask this, is there a way to not use the stock icon settings? I was looking in the config file, but did not see anything. Or have it use Toolbar Controller.
  6. I was messing with them last night and couldn't get either one to work. I will have to try again. But I am sure they didn't work.
  7. Man you were working on hard on something. I was wondering what you were getting at asking for metal thing. "I don't like this every-single-person-must-learning-by-doing stuff," believe me, I have been there before. I try to do something but at same time I am teaching myself how to do it from scratch. IT happens a lot in KSP. I don't do it as much as I did years ago. I will mess around with your file later, do I need Firespitter too?
  8. Yeah they showed pics of the back. Maybe Squad is going to add the option later.
  9. If someone want to convert the .tga to .dds, they can and upload them here and I can test them out. I am not having any luck. I did solve the aliasing issue with mipmap, I had to use supersample. Other issue I had was with the Normal map. Also when I thought I had everything set, I went on launch pad, in the day, and the panels would cast weird shadows on itself and the lighting on them looked dark. Ok, take them on launch pad and do a test in light. I think they are going to have a dark shadowy too them. You can kind of see it on the Blue ones in this picture. On either ends. Outside they will look weird. This is the issue I had. You should have a crisp look and be able to see the normal map too.
  10. Yeah they look like that. You can see them in image gallery on first post. No I haven't tried with mipmap. When and why, do I need to add a mipmap? I didn't do that with skybox conversion, just straight DXT1. I guess those are different.
  11. Here is what I meant by aliasing going on, when I converted images to .dds: I tried many different ways, from DXT1 to DXT5, I also tried DTX_nm for the Normal map. I used and then Gimp. I couldn't get the aliasing lines from showing up. The panels looked fine when they were in .png or .tga, but how ever many combinations I did, they never worked. I think when I did it was set up default compression. I have a feeling its he Normal map not working right for me. I think, I even tried the Normal map without any DXT compression and it was the same.
  12. Here is something someone should work on, and I never like it from the first time I used the mod years ago. I assume it was colored this way to go with the theme of LH. The blue panels seems to bright and too blue for me. I think something more along the lines of the stock color. Stock: LH panel: I personally only use black, when I use to use the panels.
  13. Small I came up close to the stock small static one, 1.6, then I just doubled the number each time for each new tier. That was my simple quick way. I will probably tweak them later, I just wanted to get the 5.0 out. I believe the large LH on looking is like 1/3 the size of the Gigantor. I do like your numbers though. Like I said mine were something quick and made sense at the time, better than the defaults for sure. isBreakable = false, I have this weird feeling yogui87 put it there because they broke off to easy, I mean way easy. I can change that too. I will just wait and see how the parts test out. If they seem fine, I will change it. I'm sure you guys had these parts longer and done a lot of test. What you guys can do is set isBreakable = true and see how they do. Do some test. I might do some test also when I get some time. Also throw some more ideas on where the EC should be with small, medium and large. I don't want crazy numbers. I like overkills13 ideas. overkills13 5.0 1.3 (a little less than a 3X2 Foldable) 1.6 6.5 (a little bigger than 2 OX-STAT-XLs) 3.2 12.5 (half a gigantor) might be more accurate. 6.4 I will come up with some better numbers later, instead of my generic ones. I know when I was seriously formulating, small started out 1.3. To me started at 1.6 made sense, then doubling each time, since each panel was in reality double the size before. It's like some of the new stock codes don't allow us to do thing, but only on Squad end. I notice some things like that when I was trying to update a Module code and I was using new Squad one for reference, and it didn't work at all, which it should have.
  14. Also, shouldn't it be possible now with Stock game to change the skin through KSP, instead of using Firespitter?
  15. With version 5.0, I am adding in mecripp code to use Firespitter to change the panels colors in the VAB. The panels will unlock in Advanced Electrics, just like the stock panels. I am going to keep the .tga format for the images for right now. I was having some visual issues with .dds, there was a lot of aliasing going on. I will figure that out later. Also, I would like at some point to re-do the blue color on the panels, they seem to bright. I want more of a stock color. mecripp added in the code like stock extendable panels to have: heatConductivity . Electric charge is going up. I wanted to keep it near stock areas. I also took in consideration of their size radio. I think this number will work well, better than the original number. Small EC = 1.6/s Medium EC = 3.2/s Large EC = 6.4/s Credits and thanks to: @Mecripp @COL.R.Neville LH_CircularPanel_v5.0 Firespitter - Just download the plugin and put it in your GamaData folder, if you don't already have Firespitter from another mod.
  16. Alright, thanks. I will stop using that log mod.
  17. Are you talking about the KSPDev_Log mod? I thought that was same as a output log, but split up into 3 files for easier reading for you guys, that is why I was trying to us it. So is it no use to you guys then? To my knowledge of using that log mod, its not a snippit, but a full log. I may be mistaken, so I should stop using it? MiniAVC log was in its full. Generated in the MiniAVC.log file.
  18. This is what I got for EC, now: Small = 1.6/s Medium = 3.2/s Large = 6.4/s Kind of in-line with stock panels, base on their sizes. I'm probably going to upload a newer version in a few days, with the Firespitter addition and tweak to EC rate.
  19. @DarkFighterI converted all your skybox to .dds if you want to use them in your thread and re-post them on Spacedock: NGC 3115 Central Black Hole Between the Stars SN 1006 Nebula (3 Versions!) Large Magellanic Cloud - New! They were converted in DDS with DXT1, I hope that is the right one.
  20. Basically you can do it vertically, it is the same thing.
  21. Ok, I didn't know about flipping in KSP. Maybe that is why my Skybox I converted to DDS did not match up on top and bottom. So I am using 1. Mirror horizontally 2. Rotate 180 degrees So a two step process?