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  1. No. On the first page there is a review of the rules and only a few mods are available and they have to be accessible by all and breaking ground costs extra. I also haven't seen any reviews in a while. I think this page kind of fell apart through the summer.
  2. I recently noticed the category on the judging sheet: Miscelaneous / Sub-Turboprop would a paramotor fit under that category?
  3. It's all in the fact that it is crazy Not mentioning names *cough*Nuclear powered jet*cough**cough* Danger! Do not yaw!
  4. I just made one that flies somewhat well at 75 mps (saved money on wings at least!)
  5. Are we allowed to use para-motors? (Aircraft that have a kerbal(s) sitting on top with their parachute as a wing)
  6. Their is a reason they called it a Goliath. Because Goliath translates to big or huge not tiny and under powered I think it is a little more OP than you think.
  7. When I downloaded this mod, I only got one part. It was the 18-06 curvy tail. Please tell me what is wrong.
  8. I have ksp version 1.4.5 which thing should I download off github?
  9. You should make oversized and realistic models like these double decker beasts
  10. One thing I would love for this mod would be wide body airline parts. I am a sucker for commercial aviation and have noticed how you can only build aircraft like this first picture and not longer range aircraft like the second picture as well as double Decker cabins like in the third picture.
  11. So I did install an unpacker and it worked. thank you for the instructions.
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