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  1. No there isn't; though I don't reckon this mod will ever get updated, it never really worked in the first place. Personally I haven't seen any noticeable lag with Principia unless I have flight trajectory projection turned all the way to max. I'll leave you to whatever works for you; just figured I'd mention it since not many people know principia adds tilt, and even fewer people (zero in fact) have configs for adding tilt to non-RSS bodies.
  2. There's no reason you can't post instructions for your own patch. I second this; I'm sure I could figure out the patch myself but there's no harm in you posting it @Idolon
  3. Regarding the standalone RemoteTech Antennas, is v0.1.1 really the latest release? It seems there are a few additional antennas in RemoteTech 1.9.12 (namely LongDish1, ShortDish2, & ShortAntenna1). Are these other antennas accessible, unnecessary, or not able to be standalone/used in conjunction with CommNet Antennas Extension?
  4. Doing God's work. Hey I'd love access to those configs/MM patch if you have it P.S. I thought it was pretty clear too.
  5. May I suggest Principia, @Interplanet Janet? It allows for axial tilt. I have some principia configs that have been almost ready for release for a year now that add axial tilt to all stock bodies (save comets/asteroids), as well as OPM, Extrasolar, GEP, and the original MPE bodies. I will try to release that soon
  6. Did you mean Game Ver: 1.12.2? If not, peteletroll specifically said the mod version is only for 1.12.x KSP. I would recommend trying first.
  7. I hate to be one of those people, but I have to ask if support for BetterCrewAssignment is ever something that would (or even could) happen (for both KCT and CrewR&R)? Perfectly understandable if it's a resounding "no" but again I had to ask. Snark did detail the difficulty of incorporating it: Also, if it's any consolation, if I had to pick between KCT/CR&R and BCA, I would pick the former (shh don't tell Snark)
  8. Just fyi @JPLRepo, your 7.13 release on github does not include the .zip, only the source zip and tar. The other download mirrors seem fine.
  9. Forgive my potential necro, but has there ever been any follow-up to this? The last version released by katateochi was 1.2.0 back in oct 2019. Unless I'm blind, I don't see this "new release" on github or in the CKAN metadata. I do see your fork on github, as well as deep-blue's, but neither have been compiled for a .zip release as far as I can tell. Any info about this? Honestly just more curious than anything; this isn't a must-have mod for me and God knows you're busy, @linuxgurugamer
  10. Hey @Interplanet Janet! Thanks for reviving Exo's work. Since we're in a new thread, I figured I'd let everyone know @hemeac and I made some configs for MPE back in 1.8. I didn't see them posted here (albeit I hardly looked), and they might need some tweaking (which I may be open to doing in the future), but here they are. I also have another patch for principia which I was working on back then, and will try to finish now that I'm getting back into things (I will also be releasing a principia patch for stock, OPM, and perhaps other planet packs like extrasolar).
  11. I can't remember if this was the issue/fix I encountered in 1.8.1, but installing SolverEngines (an AJE dependency) directly might fix this issue. Make sure to replace the preexisting mod (as it is bundled with AJE).
  12. You should just be able to delete the whole GameData/AstronomersVisualPack/AVP_Skybox folder. (Delete after the texture installation to also get rid of the image files.
  13. Hey @R-T-B, been reconstructing my old v1.8 500+ mod folder for v1.11 and I happened to notice this bug was raised over in KerbalAlarmClock thread. Haven't tested myself yet but just wondering if this managed to make it into your radar:
  14. Here you go man, it's just the scatterer .half files (and config) from SVE, although I may have changed it a little. Just decompress and drag into your GameData folder. If for some reason it doesn't work let me know. Also, if you are interested, keep an eye out for a modified set of AVP configs I'll be dropping pretty soon. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1AyinEdCSUMKWfcRIIanPyytXQJH87ywZ/view?usp=sharing EDIT: It might not look as good but if you want a simpler fix, go into GameData/AstronomersVisualPack/AVP_Scatterer/Planets/Kerbin/atmo.cfg and edit the three "scatteringExposure" values. They are set at 0.23 and lowering these will make the ground easier to see. SVE had values as low as 0.065 but you can fiddle with it until you find the look that you like. Something in between is probably good.
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