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  1. Please see my post here: I don't see any difference in the files between the different resolutions of AVP Textures (other than resolution of course). As such I do not know if there is anything in my configs that could be causing this, nor how to fix it. Sorry I couldn't be of any more help.
  2. Do you have EVE installed? The mod itself not just my texture pack.
  3. Many of my kerbals frequently abuse the laws of physics (due to mods/glitches); whether being immune to momentum transfer and watching a planet rotate underneath their feet when they jump or spotaneously speeding off at the speed of light. The holidays aren't special for them, though peri-launch explosions are more welcome than usual during this time.
  4. Thanks! Really glad to hear you enjoy it! I don't have the best ability to confirm compatibility at the present moment, and until blackrack's 3D clouds become public, I have no intention of releasing out-of-the-box support. The easiest thing for you to do as a user of both is to delete the "IO-EVE" folder from within "IO-Visuals" (found in "GameData/Iodyne"), or at least deleting the "Stock" folder within that. I can't guarantee if that is all that is necessary. The only other thing I can recall that you'll need to do is that the file "GameData/Iodyne/IO-Visuals/IO-Scatterer/IO-SunflaresOfMaar-UrsaMinor.cfg" has a commented out line of code that needs to be put back in (by deleting the "//" at the start of the line) to get the sunflare working. The other scatterer files have all been tweaked to look ideal both with and without blackrack's 3D clouds (particularly Eve's). Let me know if that works. Sorry I can't be more helpful. This release was more just to put my work out there rather than to maintain it in the coming future, especially with 3D clouds on their way.
  5. Sorry, but at the present moment I do not intend to add any additional support for other planet packs. This may change but don't count on it. I already decided to uninclude the half-worked GEP stuff I had done. Glad to hear it! Sorry if the instructions were unclear. Let me know how I could have worded it better. Thanks for the feedback!
  6. Ah, yes I did take a crack at it but didn't give it more than a cursory look and could not figure it out. Perhaps the author of OPM Parallax would make them. Or you could give it a shot with the parallax tool.
  7. That still remains to be seen. I will be pretty inactive for a while (that's life), but I have made implemented some minor support for volumetric when it releases. I will very likely not be producing unique configs though, but I won't outright deny it. Thank you so much though, I appreciate the feedback I would direct you to OPM Parallax.
  8. No worries! I had a graduation last week so I get that. I think we've all forgotten dependencies before.
  9. I had what I think was a similar issue as well a while back but after reinstalling the mod the issue went away for me. Still not sure what caused or fixed it, and can't remember more details, sorry. But I'd try reinstalling. Make sure to have Kopernicus, OPM, 000_NiakoUtils, and of course NeidonPlus as folders in GameData, as well as other dependencies like Harmony and ModuleManager.
  10. Sorry, but I don't really need to test it again; my change got it working. I changed nothing but the priority value in between installs where it worked and did not work. It works now so that's all I care about. I said I wasn't certain but Principia very well could interfere as Principia directly alters the navball textures. But for you here was my list of installed mods:
  11. Very nice. Just wanted to note for other users that the Slim config sets the priority at 10. This does not work by default for my install (I believe due to Principia?); changing this to 0 works (I didn't test other values).
  12. Okay, IO Visuals has been updated once more (again still v0.9). Added layerVolume clouds to gas giants and preliminary support for the pre-releases of EVE and Scatterer.
  13. Version 0.9 has been updated as of last night. It's still version 0.9. Updates consisted of Eve overhauls, proper file pathing, and other minor changes. The main post has now been updated to refer to post 2. Thank you! It was definitely a lot of time and work so I appreciate every download! IO-Visuals.zip is the configs; that is the mod. IO Visuals requires some/most of the textures from AVP. AVP Textures v1.13 is required. If you have already installed AVP you should have this already. IO-EVE-Textures-WithOPMVO.zip has all the additional textures IO Visuals needs. The only reason there is an IO-EVE-Textures.zip without OPMVO textures is if it turns out (in the foreseeable future) that I am not supposed to distribute them, I already have a package available and can just delete the WithOPMVO zip. If/When this occurs, users will need to download the assets as described in the readme. As of the most recent config update, the OPMVO textures should be optional (as in the configs will check for the folder path and if there isn't one it won't try to load them), but the planets will look a lot better (in my opinion) and as intended with the OPMVO textures. Likewise, the AVP 43k Kerbin cloud textures are now optional as well via the same mechanism. Prior to this, they were still "optional" but the configs themselves had to be deleted or disabled. Lastly, IO-Skybox.zip changes the skybox from that included in AVP to the 60°(Stock)NE_4k skybox by uschi0815 via the same mechanism. tl;dr you need (links are direct downloads): - IO-Visuals.zip - IO-EVE-TexturesWithOPMVO.zip (recommended, or alternatively IO-EVE-Textures.zip) - AVP_8kTextures.zip (you can probably download the lower res textures if you want) - if you are using Extrasolar, the EXVE Textures included in that download is required Optional: - optional_AVP_43kKerbin.zip - IO-Skybox.zip I mainly used it when making IO-PrincipiaOrbitPatches but yeah it can be useful for seeing the farthest stable orbit. It isn't perfect because it depends where the parent body is but orbiting say the Mün, if you keep your apoapsis below the visible SOI then your orbit should be stable inside it. If say Kerbin is exactly opposite to the Mün at apoapsis then it probably wont be perfectly stable. A hill sphere is never a perfect sphere. For example, here in this image I have drawn the green oval as a mostly accurate representation hill sphere of Earth in the Sun-Earth system (ignoring the moon). The pink circle is a reference of a perfect circle for contrast. Edges of the hill "sphere" closer to the parent body terminate closer to the primary body and edges farther away terminate, well, farther away. The SOIs drawn via my config are drawn like the pink circle. So it provides a rough estimate, but rough at best and not pertinent at worst. Also something that may be undesirable is that as a debug tool, the SOI lines are always visible in scaled space view (i.e. map mode and tracking station), I believe even after pressing F2. Lastly, I wanted to inquire whether users would appreciate all textures being included in one download (distributing textures used in AVP Textures via IO-EVE-Textures). This would mean the drag-and-drop override of existing AVP installations would not work, though perhaps standalone and add-on variants of the mod would be desirable? Also whether support for SunflaresOfMaar Ursa Minor should stay as support or if the sunflare should be included in IO Visuals itself? I have yet to finish the gallery for pictures taken in flight mode (non-scaled-space visuals). I'd be happy to take user-submitted photos. Just please take without TUFX.
  14. Thank you! They did take some time so I appreciate the recognition For starters, I began making these configs before AVP even had support for OPM. But even as of now, the AVP visuals for OPM are pretty bare bones. I believe the gas giants only have 1 unique layers of clouds (as opposed to Jool's 7), and not much going for Tekto or Thatmo either. The visuals AVP provides are not bad by any means but do feel less comprehensive. Additionally, IO Visuals uses a selection of AVP configs and textures as a template (for stock system, OPM, extrasolar, and the rest) but also utilizes visuals from Stock Visual Enhancements and Pood's OPM Visual Overhaul due to my personal preference for their aesthetics. Namely, SVE offers thicker-appearing, more substantial, and more classically stylized clouds, whilst Pood's OPMVO offers a unique feel to the outer planets with slight recolours for the gas giants and a polar storm for Sarnus. Additionally (for stock, OPM, and the other packs), IO Visuals modifies existing AVP configs for general improvements (e.g. alpha values for dust, cloud heights) and bug fixes (e.g. removal of glow as it causes visual glitches on non-atmospheric bodies), and adds new configs as well (e.g. haze). Also of note: many of the scatterer files for the planets in AVP are quite fine, and in fact probably match up a bit better with their proper atmospheric heights. However, I made a decision to focus on a more realistic appearance with IO Visuals. How this manifests is that because the planets are 1/10 scale of their real-life counterparts, but this scale is not exactly preserved with the atmospheres; in-game, scatterer atmosphere heights (the HR value in scatterer configs) appear far too tall/large compared to their real-life analogues. The large, hazy glows on bodies do not look like the well-defined, marble-like edges of real planets (see the reference gallery). As for Extrasolar, the scatterer files included in EXVE are outdated and do not function as intended with the new version of scatterer. IO Visuals supplies up-to-date configs for scatterer, and with EVE extends the visual aesthetic of AVP/SVE/Pood'sOPMVO to the Extrasolar bodies. EXVE only supplied some basic clouds to some of the planets, whereas IO-Visuals modifies these and supplies new configs including: AVP-style multilayered clouds for Heba and Lomina, AVP-style auroras, dust, geysers, AVP- and SVE-style lightning, haze, and more. Check out the gallery or install it to try it out! It is designed so you can just install it into GameData and not have to touch your AVP installation at all. Simply delete IO-Visuals if you want to go back to AVP. I'd be happy to help you curate which features you'd be interested in keeping or not (since I see you use both AVP and Spectra). (Also, IO Visuals (optionally, on by default) uses Spectra's bioluminescent clouds for Laythe!)
  15. I've just released my AVP-like visual pack for KSP. Supports stock, OPM, MPE, Extrasolar, and more! This includes up-to-date Scatterer and EVE support for all Extrasolar bodies. https://imgur.com/a/UudrXZE
  16. Your welcome! Thank you for downloading; I really appreciate it! Just FYI I have been making some minor, untagged updates (as in they are still part of the same release, v0.9) such as making the Laythe glow clouds optional (separating into its own config) and adding Tylo support for Realistic Atmospheres, so if interested watch the timestamp of the configs zip in the release. (I also need to include the gallery for surface visuals.) Up as of 5/10/2023 @ 1:30am EST. All the configs are designed for the current public releases of EVE ( and Scatterer (0.0838). I have not used any pre-release versions of either mod. At the present moment I don't intend to support 3D volumetric clouds when they do release but if I need to update the mod for functionality or if the volumetric clouds prove simple enough to write configs for, I will revisit this. Some of the stuff I've seen blackrack post does look incredible so I would love to support it, but there would also have to be a need for a difference in aesthetic from AVP & Spectra if/when they update for an update to even really be warranted. (Personally I think the current "volumetric" clouds provide some pretty good shots) I have tested both with and without Parallax (and OPM Parallax) and there should be minimal artifacting. Let me know if you think or see that some incompatibility exists and I will try to address it.
  17. As I said I'm not 100% sure this is the bug you are having but I experienced a blackness bug which I fixed by deleting them. Yes glow.cfg located in the Stock folder (and there is another in the OPM folder if you are using Outer Planets Mod). You can delete the files themselves or you can open them and edit as so:If you open stock/glow.cfg you will see it starts with "EVE_CLOUDS {" this is telling ModuleManager where the data belongs. next you'll see "OBJECT {"; this is a module, essentially a specific intance (hence different names for each one like Mun-glow and Ike-glow etc.) of a template that EVE_CLOUDS can read. Moho-ablation is including among these modules. Anyway, specifically to avoid the bugs I encountered you will want to delete all the modules ("OBJECT {}") that belong to bodies without atmospheres (all but Duna in this case). You can delete Duna's glow but personally I like it and did not experience a bug with it. OPM/glow.cfg only has a module for slate so just delete the whole file. If you keep Duna's glow then the stock/glow.cfg file should look exactly like this when done (make sure their is no typo or duplicate brackets): Alternatively (or additionally) you can try out my visual pack which deletes these already and makes some visual changes (but still has the same style as AVP and uses AVP textures). You should be able to just install it into your GameData folder and don't need to delete anything from the AVP folder.
  18. Pretty sure this is an issue with the glow (and ablation) modules. they do not work as intended on vacuum bodies. Just delete them. If I'm incorrect let me know.
  19. Hi y'all. I finally released my visual pack for KSP. Supports stock, OPM, MPE, Extrasolar, and more! This follows the same visual aesthetic of AVP, extending it more completely to OPM and to Extrasolar, and adding additional configs as well. As such it uses AVP Textures so I figure it's relevant to post here. https://imgur.com/a/UudrXZE
  20. I've also finally released my visual pack for KSP. Supports stock, OPM, MPE, Extrasolar, and more! This includes Scatterer and EVE support for Ervo. https://imgur.com/a/UudrXZE
  21. Introduction: I am pleased to finally announce the release of IO Visuals! I have been working on and off this visual pack since 2018, often getting burnt out and leaving it for a year or two then attempt to bring it up to the latest version. Over the past month or so I have finally finished these updates. So here it is! (I also wanted to get these out before volumetric clouds goes public and AVP updates, rendering 2D cloud configs potentially undesirable. Though perhaps some don't like the look of the volumetric clouds or don't have sufficient tech specs to utilize them.) About: IO Visuals is a comprehensive set of configs designed to act as a visual pack akin to AVP and Spectra. It is a composite of other visual packs, utilizing the best features from each to develop a visually complex and consistent feel across the stock system and several planet packs. Every module has been meticulously constructed and individually tested to meet the highest standard of visual acuity, from the exact height and alpha value of clouds to the proper indices of refraction of oceans for their canonical compositions. Visuals have been developed with a semi-realistic aesthetic and consistency prioritized, with many body features modeled after their real-life analogues. IO Visuals contains configs for EVE, Scatterer, DOE, Planetshine, and Kopernicus / Kopernicus Expansion. Supports stock, OPM, MPE, Janet's Planets, Neidon Plus, and Extrasolar. IO Visuals has Astronomer's Visual Pack Textures v1.13 as a dependency (recommended and tested with the 8k textures) for EVE support. AVP Configs are not a dependency but are not incompatible either (they should all be disabled/overwritten by IO Visuals). IO Visuals also requires IO EVE Textures as a dependency, as noted in the readme and the release description. IO EVE Textures includes deprecated textures from AVP and select textures from SVE, Spectra, and OPMVO*. *Please see the readme for more information. Please note: IO EVE Extrasolar currently requires EXVE Textures as a dependency, to be downloaded separately. If it proves helpful, I may include the textures in IO EVE Textures at a later date. Similarly, I may do the same with the entirety of the visual pack if demand exists. If so, it would be released as a separate download as the intention with IO Visuals is it’s drag-and-drop functionality, allowing hesitant AVP users to install the mod with minimum effort and no uninstallations. Release: IO Visuals - v0.9 Download: GitHub Dependencies: IO EVE requires AVP Textures and 43k Kerbin clouds (optional). IO EVE Extrasolar additionally requires EXVE Textures. Mod Support: EVE, Scatterer, DOE, Planetshine, SVT SVO, SunflaresOfMaar (Ursa Minor), Kopernicus, Kopernicus Expansion, Realistic Atmospheres Planet Packs Support: stock, OPM, MPE, Janet's Planets, Neidon Plus, Extrasolar Recommended: IO Altered Orbits, Parallax, OPM Parallax, TUFX Incompatible: Spectra, SVE, other visual packs (except AVP, which is compatible) Information: IO Visuals includes several subcategories; IO EVE, IO Scatterer, IO Kopernicus, IO DOE, IO Planetshine, and IO Skybox. Most of them are pretty self-explanatory. IO EVE supports stock, OPM, MPE, Neidon Plus, Janet's Planets, and Extrasolar, made for version IO EVE Stock follows the AVP template and contains configs for auroras, dust and duststorms, geysers, glow*, haze, multilayered Jool clouds, optional 43k Kerbin clouds, lightning, shadows, snow, and cloud support for Eve, Kerbin, Duna, Laythe (including optional bioluminescent clouds), Tylo (conditional support for Realistic Atmospheres), and Eeloo (as IO Altered Orbits adds an atmosphere to Eeloo). *Glow to atmosphere bodies only; glow on vacuum bodies are bugged and cause a pitch-black opaque night. IO EVE OPM does the same, and includes configs for auroras, dust, geysers, haze, lightning, shadows, multilayers clouds for the gas/ice giants, and cloud support for Tekto, Thatmo, and Plock (as IO Altered Orbits adds an atmosphere to Plock). IO EVE MPE adds cloud support to Ervo and dust to most bodies. (Unfortunately some bodies have large physical distortions that render spherical-meshed clouds to be mostly pointless except at poles.) IO EVE Neidon Plus adds dust and shadows support. IO EVE Janet's Planets adds shadows support. IO EVE Extrasolar expands upon EXVE and uses the AVP template to extend configs for auroras, clouds, dust, geysers, glow, haze, lightning, and multilayered clouds for the gas/ice giants. IO Scatterer supports stock, OPM, MPE, Neidon Plus (shadows), and Extrasolar, all updated to version 0.0838. Additional configs exist for Minmus and Plock as IO Altered Orbits adds atmospheres to these bodies. A simple deletion of their respective configs should not interfere with the rest of the visual pack. A config also exists for Tylo (conditional support for Realistic Atmospheres). There is also included a SunFlareFix config from Spectra and a config that tweaks the recommended Ursa Minor sunflare from SunflaresOfMaar. (Note: if you are using a different SunflaresOfMaar sunflare you may want to delete said config as this config will alter it.) IO Kopernicus includes Kopernicus Expansion footprint support for stock, OPM, MPE, Janet's Planets, Neidon Plus, and Extrasolar. Also included is a light curve adapted from Kcalbeloh System, miscellaneous edits adapted from AVP (settings and ring textures), an expansion to SVT SVO that adds rings back to Jool, and an optional "fun" patch that enables an asteroid-field-like ring around the Sun when Kcalbeloh System is installed. IO DOE and IO Planetshine supports stock, OPM, MPE, and Neidon Plus. Configs exist for Extrasolar but DOE and Planetshine do not have full support with interstellar planet packs. IO Skybox is just configs that support the skybox included in AVP Textures. Gallery: Scaled Space Gallery: https://imgur.com/a/UudrXZE Surface Gallery: [To Be Released] Reference Gallery: https://imgur.com/a/IJo6mph Feel free to ask if you are unsure how to remove optional features or have any other questions! Hope you enjoy!
  22. Right on your heels, I have updated all my configs (including Principia stability & axial tilt) for Neidon Plus v0.3.1. v0.3. For those using my newest release, IO Principia Orbit Patches v0.92, please delete GameData/NeidonPlus/Patches/GregoriaOPMMoverAndShaker.cfg.
  23. Just wanted to note the official support included has been tailored by @Jason Kerman from my initial configs. You can find mine available here or in my signature, under Principia Orbit Patches. (I also have other configs, including Principia and axial tilt support for stock and other planet packs, among other things.)
  24. I have a question regarding the secondary sun support of Jool on Laythe: my guess is that the "joollight" does not take into account the times when Laythe is directly behind jool and there is no reflection of jool to be had? Or does the eclipseCasting selfcast its own light and neutralizes the issue? Edit: Tested it myself; unfortunately it does indeed illuminate the Laythe when on Jool's unlit side.
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