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  1. John Sheppard

    Changing engine scale RO

    Yes this is what I did initially I changed it to 0.1 no effect then I changed it to 5 to see if it even works still no change Then I tried messing with the other scale values as well but it had no effect. Strange
  2. Hi I'm running FASA RSS + RO + Real engines/fuels etc I've been needing a re-ignitable throtlable engine for manned landers so the Raptor engines are very atractive however they are way too big in thrust size and mass . In the Raptor.cfg file under Game Data\RealEnginesPack\USPack i've found the following entry : --- asset parameters --- MODEL { model = RealEnginesPack/USPack/RAPTOR scale = 0.64, 0.64, 0.64 } scale = 0.64 //mesh = rescaleFactor = 1 I've tried changing all the scale values to other numbers and that doesn't seem to have any effect in the game. Can someone tell me what am i doing wrong? Thanks
  3. Hi I just started messing with RSS + RO and after a lot of attempts i managed to (finally) land on the Moon Next stop : MARS However while designing a (manned) craft i've run into a problem : There are not many engines available that support multiple ignitions and DON'T use cryo fuels . The couple that i could find are fairly low thrust with the best being the apollo service engine at 90Kn I'm looking for something more powerfull in the range of 300-1000 and stacking the apollo engines seems to make it too big. Also i would prefer something throtleable but it's not required Is there a mod/engine pack that has engines like this that will work with RO real fuels etc? I do have real engines , soviet engines , FASA and AIES but couldn't fine anything better and i would like to avoid nuclear/future engines (want to keep it fairly realistic)
  4. John Sheppard

    Parts becoming detached in flight and space

    Ok i so i tried again on a clean install (coppied the save file) where i only added engineer redux The launch went perfectly fine so i proceeded with the transfer burn to duna but while time warping the same asteroid icon kept following and rapidly flashing on top of the ship in map view and stopped when time-warp ended just like before Also might be related but the Launch Sites icons migrate from Kerbin to somewhere between Kerbin and Eve during the timewarp not sure if it's important I did a correction burn just after escaping Kerbin and set my Duna periapsis to 50km , after the timewarp ended and i was aproaching duna SOI the periapsis ended up inside the planet . I did have some variation in my other career but nothing that extreme was at most 5km Anyways i ajusted the periapsis to 20km after entering SOI deployed fore and aft inflatable heatshield , did the aerobrake , jettision aft heatshield that was protecting the engines at 45km and started capture burn pointing mostly retrograde with a bit of radial in to raise my periapsis at the same time. SAS was engaged in stability mode everything was going fine for about a minute or so untill suddenly without any apparent reason camera shook violetly and the fairing base detached from the S4 tank-engine block under even tho both had rigit attachment on and autostruts (Pictures bellow) And Craft file : (don't know if it works this is my first time using kerbalx also the picture was not added by me) The stages for Duna landing phase are not correct but that's because i would be opperating them manually with action groups repeatedly switching between engines as required . I built it this way because after doing capture burn and raising periapsis it's supposed to jettision the 4 relays 2 for polar orbit 2 for equatorial . Then the "mothership" will get into 80km orbit , detach the wheeled base (it has so much fuel to be able to change biomes and even get into orbit just incase) . Then i would dock the small lander back with the S4 engine block and wait in orbit untill the base completes it's mission on the surface
  5. John Sheppard

    Parts becoming detached in flight and space

    Yes this is exactly how it looks and behaves like.. As if the liquid boosters are staged along with the solid ones but due to having fuel keep firing without any control. BUT it only happens after the SRBs "fall" some distance behind the rocket as if some invisible struts keep pulling the rest of the rocket down , breaking it Only happens when the SRB autostrut are NOT set to heaviest part. Also doesn't seem to happen all the time but usually does with freakishly big rockets (7megatons on launch) Other 2 issues persist. I will try to upload pics. I got one design to reach orbit in one piece after few hours of trying different builds (didn't save the faulty ones) was just wondering if anybody heard about something similar. It is easy replicate this "detachment "(snapping?) by pointing 10 degrees outside the prograde marker. At least for me that's almost guarantee to "snap" the rocket which seems logical but for me it happens sometimes even when pointing dead center of prograde Game version is 1.5 and only using stock parts
  6. Hi this should probably be in support section but not sure if in modded or un-modded I have some strange issues mainly when I make really big rockets 1. If I set the Kickback SRBs autostrut to anything but heaviest part , then when I decouple them everything seems fine until they fall to around 100m behind my rocket. At which point there is a fast shaking and somehow my rocket becomes detached. It still looks like its attached but the camera pans to the top half and I have no control over the engines at the bottom half 2. When I have a 5m fairing between an S3 tank (on top) and S4 tank (under) same detaching issue like above even though I select "rigid attachment on" set autostruts to heavy and manually add a bunch of struts the fairing almost always detaches from the S4 under it usually at around 10km mach 1 And 3rd. Trying to get 200 ton ship to Dina orbit but during the long transfer when I press "warp here" and go in map view an asteroid (?) symbol flashes on my ship and sometimes when warp is finished half of the ship is few meters behind the other half. This last Issie started happening only after I put a telescope in sun orbit and then put a class E asteroid in 100km Kerbal orbit My mods are only Engineer redux, docking port alignment, waypoint manager and transfer wrindow
  7. John Sheppard

    Destroying/retiring Base allowed?

    Thanks guys Never thought of turning a ship into debris that's actually a good idea
  8. Hi. I'm on my second career playthrough and since i'm really low on cash i'm considering accepting the build mun base contract which will return 4x the investment cost However as i'm fairly low tech and only play stock , i can't make it easily expandable for the later contracts "expand x base" . I prefer to make real bases later when i unlock enough tech but i really really need that cash since i'm going there anyways So my question is : If i make a cheap "single use" base just to satisfy the contract and destroy/recover it (to avoid future expand contracts) what will happen? Will i still get the expand base contracts later even tho the base no longer exists? And if so will i be able to satisfy the contract by building a new base large enough to meet the requirements? Or the game will recognize the base as non-existant and just ask me to build a new one instead as if the 1st one never existed ?(i hope) Thanks
  9. John Sheppard

    Eve biome hopping plane

    Hmm Eve Optimized Engines i could live with i guess since it's the stock engines with a lower expansion nozzle. The Humans are very good at optimizing their engines to work on their over-sized planet both low and high altitude so i guess it's time our scientists took a page out of their books About fuel cells i tested it but it seems that i can power the drill and converter with them indefintely and still make more fuel than i use which seems a bit off adf @jinnantonix . Your plane looks really nice much better than my oversized (but still no better) one . How were you able to know its range coz i couldn't see a way to determine mine and from what i see in your video you are covering a similar distance maybe slightly more than my MK3 version I don't suppose there is any way to double the range of that is there? like i said making it bigger doesn't seem to help coz you end up adding more everything not just tanks which also means more gravity and drag Would it work any better if you make something with high TWR to get high fast say 20km then reduce thrust to 20-50% and fly there or the fuel to increase your altitude would mitigate any gains from the lower drag at that altitude? EDIT : Just tried to Install Eve Optimized Engines but it doesn't seem to work . I installed it in the usual way by dumping the contents into game data folder . My other mods (engineer redux, window transfer and , waypoint manager work fine) i guess optimized engines hasn't been updated in a while so doesn't work with current version. too bad
  10. John Sheppard

    Eve biome hopping plane

    Hi this is my first post. Appologies if it's in the wrong section as i wasn't sure if it should be in the questions sections or here as it's kind of both a challenge (as nobody seemed to have done anything like it) and a request for guidance/advice Ok so i was searching for hours how to get all biomes data from EVE and haven't found any help that doesn't involve mods or veeeeeeryyyy long (real life) hours of driving on the surface What i need is a plane that will have a pilot , engineer and a scientist (for resetting the sc-9001 and goo) ,be able to cruise long distances in eve's atmosphere, have atleast 4 of each of the science instruments (except the mobile proccessing lab) , mining equipment to refuel and take off again to fly to another biome , repeat. It has to be stock if possible without any exploit (i consider stock propeller engine almost kinda an exploit so didn't want to use that) so rockets i guess It will be delivered to eve by a normal rocket and dropped with 10m heatshields . Uppon completion of the mission (sampling most or all biomes) it will call-in a (probe) lander rocket from orbit that will pick up the 3 crew and all collected data and lauch for orbit and then home , leaving the plane back on the surface for future expeditions. I've tried and failed misserably at this task as i was able to get 3000-4000 delta-v out of my planes which covered a very small distance before needing to stop for a day (or more) to refuel. The distances were so small in fact i would get there faster with a rover that didn't need to stop and refuel . Something like Matt Lowne's mobile duna base looks like a good idea but it will take a loooooong time to travel somewhere as i can't seem to be able to drive anything at reasonable speeds with more than 2x warp without crashing , that's why the need for the plane Ok so this is my lattest attempt .. as you can see it's insanely oversized barely able to fly on Kerbin , not so bad on Eve but very small distance like i mentioned and even tho it's 3x the fuel of my last attempt it barely goes any further while needing much longer to refuel Screenshots : , Science bay : Mining Module :