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  1. Ow... these are good and bad news. I hope you can get a job to continue with this project.
  2. Hey @Kaleu, there are something new, or have you given up the project?
  3. I'm thinking to initiate studies to make to this, a version to RO. What do you think? It is at correct scale?
  4. Ow no... stock is fine for me. I have thought to make some Brazilian rockets, but I know nothing about Blender, specialty RO configs XD.
  5. Very nice job, @Kaleu. Your models are compatible with what type game: stock or RO?
  6. Awesome! Pretty beautiful LC pad. Did you are planning other SpaceX TEL for your Tundra mod? I've seen another modder making some models of F1/9 TEL, but it isn't compatible with many mods. By the way, TKS for those superb mods.