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  1. @Snark No need to apologize for protecting our content/ this website. That's 100% my fault, I should have read the licensing in full. I saw MIT in the OP and never opened the actual licence. In fact I should be thanking you. Technically I was in violation of his licence and had he wanted to , severed could have taken action on that. So, thanks for the good work and apologies for not following through with the rules properly before posting. I was only posting here in case someone could find a bug I missed before Severed got to see it. Ill refrain from creating my own thread or posting it again until severed has a chance to look at the PR. He mentioned above he was working on other projects first. It was silly of me to post it in this thread and say "don't ask for help here" anyway. I am pretty sure severed has plans for OhScrap going forward, hes just been busy pumping out content for other mods. I'd rather not post a derivative mod if that's the case. If it turns out I'm a garbage coder and he doesn't like my PR, I will separate JUST the compatibility patches and not the bug fixes/code changes (leaving all original code intact) to post as a separate .dll that could be added to the current OhScrap for people who wanted it. As long as severed is still actively developing OhScrap, his thread should be where you have to go to find it. So, for anyone interested. You can follow the Fork on github if you'd like to try it out. Really at the heart of it, I worked on OhScrap because i have an install with 167 mods that I really wanted to add ohscrap/scrapyard to. I just wanted them compatible so that I can enjoy all of Severed's future content.
  2. @severedsoloIt wasn't ready yesterday, it is now! PR has been put in with working remote tech support and a few bug fixes in other places. That being said. Still got 6 more days off. There will be more coming. Ive also now got a release [Link removed by moderator] ready to go if anyone wants to try it. (DO NOT BUG SEVEREDSOLO IF YOU HAVE AN ISSUE. BUG ME INSTEAD. NOT IN THIS THREAD. PM OR ON GITHUB - Until he merges this , if he merges this, it is not his problem.)
  3. @severedsolo I love your mod. Thank's for all your work. I've created a [Link removed by moderator] and added remote tech support. I know you were waiting for RT2 but I'm impatient. It was done with reflection and a separate failure module so there are no additional dependencies and its easy to remove when RT2 comes out. I've also fixed a bug or two in the original antenna failure module. (it now respects comm-net settings. Previously if comm-net was disabled, the part could still fail it just wouldn't have any effect besides highlighting,). I've got a week off work, and I intend to add compatibility patches for a few other mods. Ferram , kerbal health and (because someone suggested it above and it sounds fun) deep freeze all come to mind. Id like to ensure you have no problems with any of this. I would have liked to have asked you in a private message but my forum account is too new to send messages. If your against anything I've done or released regarding your content, please let me know. I'm not really sure what proper procedure is around here (other than follow the licence). Otherwise, if you've had any oh scrap bug reports/Requests you'd like me to look into well I'm at it, also let me know! I've got a little free time.... Anyway, Thanks again for your mods man. Scrapyard/Oh Scrap/kct combo has given this game new life for me.
  4. NipperySlipples

    [1.4.x] Contract Pack: Anomaly Surveyor [v1.7.1] [2018-03-30]

    Open up GameData\ContractPacks\AnomalySurveyor\SCANsat.cfg Change the first line from: @CONTRACT_TYPE[AS_*]:HAS[#tag[SCANsat]],NEEDS[SCANsat],* To: @CONTRACT_TYPE[AS_*]:HAS[#tag[SCANsat]]:NEEDS[SCANsat] Pretty sure that should fix it. I'm not super familiar with module manager patches (yet) so someone please correct me if there's a better way.