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  1. What do you all think? oof its too cropped
  2. For those who do not know: Gyros are a Greek dish just look it up idk how to explain it maybe I'm about to get wooshed with this
  3. So, this is pretty much Taco=Sandwich, but instead of a sandwich, it's a gyro. Let's start with this off here with If a taco has meat, lettuce, sauce and a shell, and if a gyro has Pita (shell I guess) meat, sometimes lettuce and sauce, Is a gyro a taco and is a taco a gyro? (I have very normal thoughts, also I swear to God I'm not high) But a few more burning questions: Is a sandwich a taco? is a sandwich a gyro? Is a taco a gyro? Is a gyro a sandwich? Is a taco a sandwich?
  4. Banned for viewing my profile
  5. Tacos do have a carb based wrapper.. only one that can be cut into two if desired...
  6. Something I whipped up (Already posted this in the Kopernicus Discord)