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  1. It's meant to be the date of the latest development update
  2. Here to say that though it may seem like development has stopped, it has actually been getting faster and faster. I post more frequent updates on the discord server here: https://discord.gg/ZT3K62ZfQQ
  3. OFFICIAL TRAILER UP NOW https://youtu.be/17w1kZu2VJk
  4. ARCHAEA >A protoplanet that should not exist in the current timeframe, the world is suspected to have been glitched into the present from 4.5 billion years ago, though no findings have suggested how it's possible
  5. A world so ancient, somehow existing in the present, It shouldn't exist... but the Great Deep always finds it's ways The Great Deep is limitless, it's creations seem to not follow any previously known laws, not even time... New, unpredicted world discovered in the Lazarus universe, first images releasing soon
  6. Revamped the “Background” portion of the page
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