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  1. Due to recent events, a new discord server has been created: https://discord.gg/PyRkAT2D42
  2. Development Update: Sanctum is nearly done, and currently I’m in the process of upgrading terrain to NiakoUtils, which will become a dependency once released
  3. I just realized theres a missions report topic, can a mod move this post there?
  4. First test of an interplanetary probe, launched without the transfer stage for the sake of making sure I didn't forget anything
  5. Thank you so much for this, as a modder desperately trying to figure out how to even get KSP 2 to function, it’s hard to not agree with everything said. This game has the potential but in no way does it meet anything that is needed for modding. You basically took the words out of my mouth
  6. I got into the habit of calling every first release release 1.0 lol
  7. dawg they made a modding subform for release 1.0 and expect us not to use it?
  8. Is planet modding possible in KSP2? I heard somewhere that the planet files are all .json, and I don’t think anyone has experimented with it yet. If anyone has any information do tell since I might attempt to port my planet packs
  9. Update: release will happen whenever I’m finished polishing Lazarus Awakenings. Whether this is before or after KSP 2 releases im not sure. But either way it will release.
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