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  1. Banned for viewing my profile
  2. Tacos do have a carb based wrapper.. only one that can be cut into two if desired...
  3. Something I whipped up (Already posted this in the Kopernicus Discord)
  4. iT wAs jUsT aN iNnOceNt sHoWer tHouGht
  5. Sandwiches are mainly Meat, Lettuce, Tomato, Onion and Mayo. Tacos are mainly Meat, Lettuce, Tomato, Onion and Salsa. Are tacos a sandwich and are sandwiches a taco? Also, this post has gotten on the TOTM awards!
  6. Nothing else to say here, just post your last copy and paste in the comments. Here is mine (lol) Anyone have a long range ssto they aren't using? (At least to dres) Some background : I am awful at sstos, so on discord I posted that on two channels. I fail at literally every ssto, and it has come to the point that I can safely say that they are SST-Nos
  7. Trailer (Old SE Textures) As the spacecraft approached Artemis, I finally had a feel of home. But, you never know, we might end up blowing up Kirr, if not worse... Project Ares is a stock solar system replacement. It involves so far 6 planets and 12 moons. The planned (And/Or already implemented) bodies are : Artemis, Kirr, Barr, Ida, Athena, Chlora (Home world), Jevus, Harvest, Kenza, Dodd, Poseidon, Lermis, Holo, Berr (Twin of Barr), Opama, Sentar, Leevus and Flic. Be on the lookout for updates! Screenshots : Not important, Just The ship Ida And Artemis Kirr These are all of the existing screenshots. Stay alert for more updates and screenshots! (BEFORE YOU SAY ANYTHING ABOUT SE TEXTURES: I am updating the textures. These where just the placeholder while the others are being made.)