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  1. https://trello.com/b/SD4waklB/trilogy-mod-progress Trello board for Trilogy's progress
  2. Almost reminds me of Space Engine's terrain generation
  3. Announcement for the future of the mod KIP-2995 will be renamed to Trilogy on release. The name stems from the 3 major installments it will have which tell the story of the KIP-2995 system. These installments include: The kerbals had just discovered KIP-2995, and after sending multiple probes, known as the Explorers, they discovered that there was absolutely no life despite the near perfect habitability of the system, which can only be explained by KIP-2995b flaring up. Difficulty: Medium (Interstellar travel) Kerbin has completely died. The CO2 emissions created by
  4. Yep! I thought it would be interesting to include one in this pack, though I might make it a Gateway type gas giant with a liquid surface
  5. Ive made up my mind, therefore I will be leaving the Double Double Revamped dev team and putting all other projects but KIP-2995 to a pause. Im going to be working on recoloring each planet to be less reliant on GD over the next couple days, so be on the look out for that along with the first version of Dominion.
  6. Happy to see my planets go to good use, especially since I've created a gravity assist monster
  7. Ive already stated this through discord, but I will either be taking a break from modding altogether, or stop working on every project but KIP-2995, do not be surprised if I go silent for a long period of time. This is mostly caused by burnout and realizing I cant do anything with modding without it being low quality garbage, and I don't have the time nor the patience to be able to make the planets higher quality. When I come back, I will hopefully be able to start hand drawing heightmaps so that I wont rely too much on other people for making my mod, and to prevent me from having to spen
  8. Beta 1.2 "Call Out My Name" may be delayed by a couple weeks to two months, I'm working on a project with @BobTheKerbaland @Mangu that will take up a lot of time since my part in the project is making a quadruplet system I will still post updates as I get things done, it'll just be slower than normal
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