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  1. Forgot to post this here, a "first look"/teaser trailer is up now! The link is in the main post.
  2. Planet classification chart (Derived from @smushanoob's chart)
  3. hi can you not ping me randomly thank you
  4. This is (im assuming) based on some discord drama I havent been paying much attention to, this thread was completely unnecessary tbh
  5. Updated atmorims! Bharan color revamp coming soon!
  6. Tycho - Desert world with so much oxygen that it's toxic, spotted with chlorine lakes infested with exotic algae
  7. Not currently, but this system is being reshaped inside of a new galaxy mod https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/204024-early-wip-kip-systems-a-galaxy-mod/
  8. All support for this project has been cancelled, but dont worry, this system will be a part of KIP Systems - A galaxy mod
  9. Labyrinth - Walkmann AC (Alpha Centauri AC) Everything can be answered on the Roadmap doc Again, its meant to be a Uranus-like planet
  10. Chalos - a ringless Uranus-like gas giant orbiting Alpha Centauri A
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