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  1. A more refined, prepared build of Lazarus is about to go out to beta testers soon. Release is rapidly approaching
  2. It's meant to be the date of the latest development update
  3. Here to say that though it may seem like development has stopped, it has actually been getting faster and faster. I post more frequent updates on the discord server here: https://discord.gg/ZT3K62ZfQQ
  4. ARCHAEA >A protoplanet that should not exist in the current timeframe, the world is suspected to have been glitched into the present from 4.5 billion years ago, though no findings have suggested how it's possible
  5. A world so ancient, somehow existing in the present, It shouldn't exist... but the Great Deep always finds it's ways The Great Deep is limitless, it's creations seem to not follow any previously known laws, not even time... New, unpredicted world discovered in the Lazarus universe, first images releasing soon
  6. the “wow it’s been a hot minute” update So you may be wondering? Where did I go for a whole 2 months? The short answer is depression. The long answer is I lost all interest in KSP. Anyways change of topic, you may be wondering where the future of this project is headed, is it canceled? No, but it’s overall concept is being reformed following these guidelines: - The new overarching concept is “What lies beyond our line of sight?”, which will be explored throughout the second trailer which will be released either early April or later this month - All stars will no longer be analogous of real life stars, and most will be reformed to more exotic objects - Though there will be an option to disable it, Lazarus will ship with a full system replacement on top of everything to give a truly isolated feeling - All worlds with surfaces will have intense care put on the details for the said surfaces, this makes even a world like Bharan not yet complete So no, this project is not canceled, I just needed a break to get back to doing what I don’t exactly love but mildly enjoy
  7. Map screen of Walkmann A / Alpha Centauri A Also, my 1 year anniversary of KSP modding is coming up on the 2nd! Here's a bit of a poster of my progress over 2021:
  8. Welcome to Lazarus: Awakenings. A whole new stellar neighborhood with a dark secret. Almost Here!
  9. Release 1.0 is drawing very near, only 4 more worlds to complete!
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