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  1. Thanks for updating this mod ! I was a bit surprised to see that the PluginData/Settings.cfg file is different in the zip file than on GitHub Are those changes intended ? The "maxBrightness = 0" setting means that the skybox is completely black by default ! I thought it was a bug, and I see infinite_monkey above had the same issue. It may be better to set the default to 0.25 like on GitHub ?
  2. It works ok here. No idea about Orbital Map view ? It's not something I've seen before, unless you are talking about ScanSat integration ? That is indeed broken, and I haven't been able to figure out why. As for my patch : yes you first have to install the usual RPM package, and then add the patch on top of it !
  3. Disabling the DirectX y-flip workaround you noted here has indeed fixed the rendering ! So here you have a new patch : https://www.dropbox.com/s/jycdhbwzxkqcpyj/JSI-ksp181-fixes-2.zip?dl=1 Source package here. - KSP 1.8.1 recompile - ExternalCamera legacy shader fix - ExternalCamera part updated - ReStock compatibility - CockpitHandle DXT3 texture conversion - Dx11 MFD and navball flipping fixed (for real this time) If you downloaded my previous patches you should reinstall RasterPropMonitor 30.6 and ASET Props 1.5.0 before applying this last patch, or you could have texture flipping. I've tested it on KSP 1.8.1 with and without ASET, in both DirectX and OpenGl mode. The text rendering seems somewhat broken with ASET in OpenGl mode, but the MFDs work perfectly.
  4. Thanks for the info MOARdV, and thanks for your work on RPM and MAS ! I'll take a look at your y-flip note in github. My current edits are a bit of a hack to get things going while there is no current maintainer.
  5. I've had some free time this weekend so I tried to update RasterPropMonitor to KSP 1.8.1. Fixed a whole lot of issues while I was at it : - KSP 1.8.1 recompile - ExternalCamera legacy shader fix - ReStock compatibility - CockpitHandle DXT3 texture conversion - Flipped textures on the MFDs - Flipped ExternalCamera view You can find my patch here : https://www.dropbox.com/s/yw1tmiwtxls4cqd/JSI-ksp181-fixes.zip?dl=1 Just drop it on top of your RasterPropMonitor install in GameData ! And the source code here. I haven't managed to get Git working yet, so no diff for the moment. If you use ASET Props you'll have to add this patch to correct the flipped MFDs [warning : this breaks MAS and requires you to reinstall ASET Props when RPM will be fixed] Some issues remain : the externalCamera renderer and the Graph renderer are flipped on the multifunction displays. I've compensated the camera issue by adding a transform in the external-camera.cfg part file, but the issue remains if camera parts from other mods are used. I'm not really a programmer so changing the render code is a bit beyond my capacities. This is a great mod so I hope we can keep it alive a bit longer while we wait on KSP2 !
  6. The mod still mostly works in KSP 1.8.1 with RasterPropMonitor I just found a couple flipped textures in the nav ball and MFDs, for which I've made a patch here : [link removed] Edit : Oops, looks like it's a bug in RPM, and flipping the ASET Props textures breaks MAS. That was not my intention, so I removed the link. I've posted an updated patch in the RasterPropMonitor thread
  7. I've managed to recompile kopernicus for KSP 1.8.1 ! Seems to work fine after some brief testing with outer planets mod. It's a bit of an experimental version as I had to remove the planetary particle emission system that is no longer compatible with Unity 2019. I've also had to cut the "alreadyLightmapped" config option which may or may not cause issues. It has been compiled with ModularFlightIntegrator [ link removed by request from Galileo ; just wait on the official version ]
  8. I've made a little guide on setting up a workspace to change the inside of the vessels and cockpits in KSP. There are quite a few tutorials on this site but they all seemed either incomplete or too complex. I just wanted to be able to open an IVA config file and move around some props, not make new ones ! There are a lot of superb IVA models around that could be made even better by adding RasterPropManager/MAS/ASET props to them. So here is how I managed to set up an IVA workspace : 1) Install Unity editor : KSP works with Unity 2017.1.3p1 (download here). You can use the free version, but you still need to make an account in order to start the editor. A service like mailinator can be useful if you dont want to give your real email adress. Then you need to download KSP PartTools 1.5 (download here). Unzip the file and put it somewhere. Start Unity and go to Assets->Import Package->Custom Package in the menu. Select the file you unzipped previously (PartTools_AssetBundles.unitypackage) Click on Tools->KSP Part Tools in the Unity menu bar. Then click on "Setup" in the new "Part Tools" window. Click on "Set Data Dir" and select the GameData folder in your KSP install directory. This should populate the "Spaces" and "Props" submenus with the IVAs and Props of your kerbal installation. If this fails try again with a new KSP installation as it seems certain mods can block the importation process. At this point you should be able to open an IVA (Spaces->Spawn) and add some Props (Props->Spawn) ! You can move props by clicking on them, or copy them by selecting them in the hierarchy menu on the left side. The changes can be saved by clicking on Inspector->Internal Space->Save to config 2) File locations : The IVA files can be found in GameData\Squad\Spaces\*\*.cfg or in the .cfg files of various mods. They list all the used props and their positions. 3) Texture fix : KSP uses .dds textures but the Unity editor isn't able to load them, so you will get a lot of "texture not found" errors. The .dds textures can be converted with the open source tool ImageMagick. This is not strictly necessary : unity will work fine without textures. Download ImageMagick here (scroll down to get to the windows installer). Make a copy of your KSP installation (you don't want to start converting files in your original KSP directory, that could break things !) Start a new Command Prompt (type cmd in the start menu). Go to the GameData folder in the KSP copy you made previously (example : "cd C:\Games\KSP-IVA-Copy\GameData") Verify that you are in the right folder ! The Command Prompt can be a fickle beast and you dont want to convert the wrong files ! Copy paste this script in the Command Prompt that is open in your KSP GameData copy : FOR /R %f IN (*.dds) DO mogrify -verbose -flip -format png "%f" Wait on the conversion to finish, this can take a few minutes. The script adds a png version of all the dds files it finds, it doesn't delete anything. Make sure Part Tools in Unity is pointed to the GameData folder with the converted images. You now have IVA/Props textures in Unity ! If you want more info on how to use IVA Props in Unity you can also check out this tutorial by Noah Sans Ark : https://youtu.be/PrjTcv9WmRQ
  9. Yes, I couldn't find any way to force a specific converter in multibay situations. It doesn't seem too bad from a balance point because the sspxr hydroponics were underpowered compared to the usi nom-o-matics. With 2 active agro bays the hydroponics produce 16-18 supplies per day per ton of mass versus 18-20 for the nom-o-matics. I have another issue with the deployable habitats : the usi-ls hab module can be started even if the habitat is retracted. There doesn't seem to be any way to change that with standard modulemanager patches. @RoverDude Speaking of deployables, there seems to be a bug with the mks ones. The "start hab/agri" button is present and functional on a new vessel with retracted modules. This button disappears when the module is deployed and then retracted again (this can easily be tested with the mks ranger mini hab module).
  10. It looks like the fertilizer component is supposed to be used with the mod kerbal planetary base systems. If you want to change the converter settings you can open "GameData\StationPartsExpansionRedux\Patches\SSPXR-TACLS.cfg" with a text editor (in your ksp install directory). Search for the algae farm part and change the output resource fertilizer with mineral.
  11. I've modified the SSPXr patch for the new usi-ls format, it seems to work fine with habitat and recycling on a new vessel. You can find it here : https://pastebin.com/S2JTc95L It replaces "StationPartsExpansionRedux\Patches\SSPXR-USILS.cfg" And as Wyzard said, the files in "UmbraSpaceIndustries\MKS\Parts\New folder" need to be removed to be able to use the tundra parts.