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  1. @Friznit has a page on his Unofficial Bluedog Design Bureau Wiki that details the construction of the ISS. It’s mainly for outlining the process/timeline of how the ISS was constructed(quite helpful for career!), but it also shows which parts go to what section. Here’s a link: Hope it helps!
  2. With the latest Dev update, it seems like the film resource was removed from the corona cameras. Was this a mistake, or something done on purpose?
  3. I just started to use Kerbalism, but I have a question. With the new science system, is it possible to "deploy" an experiment (like extending a magnetometer) separate of running the experiment? And as an extension of that, be able to deploy two of the same experiments without running them, as you can't run two of the same experiment? I run into problems with some of my craft, for example, I have a solar probe (based on the real world Helios probe) that has two RPWS antennae, but I can't extend both of them at the same time, as the act of extending it starts the experiment, and I can't deploy two of the same experiments at the same time. It would be really nice to "deploy" experiments without having them actually run for aesthetic/historical purposes. Any help would be appreciated!
  4. I have made something quite cursed. I’m very happy/surprised about how well this abomination flew! It had just enough fuel for a good LKO. Next time I’ll have to adjust the adapter so I don’t destroy my solar panels. But otherwise, a great success!
  5. Awesome! I've been waiting for this day. I can't wait for my game to boot up to fly this beauty!
  6. Beautiful, just beautiful. It’s scary how much progress has been made with BDB in such a short time!
  7. Out of all of the probe parts that have been revamped/added in this dev cycle, I've always found that the Lunar Orbiter parts were less"lego-able" (simply because of the design of the real-life lunar orbiter) compared to the mariner/ranger parts or even your nimbus parts. That is why recently I have been trying to find more creative uses of the Lunar Orbiter parts, and I'm surprised with a lot of the ideas I was able to come up with. One of my favorite and most recent missions with the Lunar Orbiter parts was an Eeloo flyby mission, where I tried to envision what it would be like if a mission like New Horizons was attempted 40 years earlier. I had a lot of fun trying to put all these parts together! More pictures on the imgur album:
  8. It appears that currently the latest version of SCANsat doesn’t work with JNSQ, but I’m guessing it’ll be patched soon.
  9. It gives me great joy and great terror to see how far I can shove together probe parts that historically were never intended to be together. The Mariner-Ranger-Nimbus-Lunar Orbiter combo on a Burner II.
  10. Has anyone else had problems with using the dev version with kopernicus+JNSQ? For some reason, clicking the ScanSat button on the toolbar doesn’t open anything.
  11. I don't know if this is another one of my mods conflicting, but I just used TWP with JNSQ and it crashed instantly the moment I hit 'Plot It'. EDIT: Actually nvm, it appears to work fine now after rebooting. Not sure what happened.
  12. I just updated to 1.8 and I'm loving it! I even went back to that craft the moment I had my game loaded to see if the shaders were working(and to get a picture for my loading screens), and damn, does the new terrain look awesome!
  13. I know, right? That is one of my favorite colors, on one of my favorite rockets. As for the x9 symmetry, in normal ksp I normally just do three different x3 SRB's and try to line them up the best I can, but I'm pretty sure this mod allows you to get x9 symmetry.
  14. Thanks! Off the top of my head, the primary graphics mods I use are scatterer, EVE, planetshine, and KS3P(with Zorg's config). Additionally, this is also the planet pack JNSQ's Duna in case if that was part of your question.