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  1. Ahh, I have been looking forward to this. Can't wait to kitbash something with STME!
  2. I think it’s been a little while since I last posted anything here, but I have been keeping busy with the probes I’ve been working on. Here are some update pics of Pioneer 10/11: Many of the parts seen here are still pretty WIP, so keep that in mind. Pioneer 10/11 is on the horizon, along with some of the other probes I’m working on (Transit 4, Transit 5, Poppy, and Clementine).
  3. This is certainly a game-changing mod. Your work somehow always manages to get better and better with every mod release. Can't wait for what's next in store! Also love the ability to use the MMSEV in zero-g environments.
  4. I believe the VS-11 from Scansat is slightly underscaled if you are trying to use it as a straight KH-11 kitbash. When I do KH-11 I upscale it (with tweakscale) so it is flush with the KH-9 avionics/fairing thing. But otherwise, I believe that is pretty accurate. Especially considering KH-11's service module is just an upgraded version of KH-9's. I actually made the all texture gray variant for the KH-9 SM to be sort of like KH-11.
  5. Ahh, that makes much more sense. But yea, a silver foil LM would be extremely simple to do after the gold foil texture is created.
  6. In terms of simple texture switches, I am pretty sure at minimum a silver foil variant would be quite simple to do, as once the gold foil texture is figured out, it can easily be modified to be silver. Beyond that though I can't think of many variants for the LM.
  7. Maybe one day something like that would be fun to do down the line. I made an HS-376 with a lot of tweakscale and offset tool with NFElectrical and NFEX in the past. It looked and worked mostly well (until the robotics would cause the craft to rip itself apart from time to time).
  8. Clementine, a very underrated 90's lunar orbiter. One of the few payloads to launch on the Titan 23G rocket. I am also ISAS (not shown in the previous picture), the Clementine Interstage Adapter Satellite, an adapter fixed to Clementine's Star-37. After the Star-37 was used to push Clementine to trans-lunar injection, the detached ISAS adapter functioned as its own independent satellite equipped with antennas, solar cells, and a few experiments. Clementine has quite a few different types of imaging experiments, as a primary part of its mission was to test sensor technologies designed by the S
  9. Interesting idea, but I don't know about adding specific names to textures as it would limit the texture's uses for shuttles that don't use that name. However, I recommend the mod Conformal Decals as I believe it could easily accomplish this.
  10. Hello everyone, a new update is here! Introducing the Columbia rudder variants and an early shuttle delta wing variant. Stay tuned, because in the future this mod might be expanded to include parts in addition to the retextures!
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