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  1. Good idea. I’m not sure about adding 20 tons tho as the mass I added is specifically balanced for Saturn I. I believe currently it only adds 2.5 tons. 20t would be heavier than the S-IV stage itself I believe. But I’ll figure something out
  2. One day I'm sure. But not today. Love those screenshots!! Anyways I'm partially back from my modding hiatus. Working on the Apollo SM Boilerplate (which in some missions housed Pegasus, which is also being worked on) and the S4-Apollo Adapter for Boilerplate missions. Here's SA-6:
  3. Ok well while that might be cool, doing it properly would be a little difficult. The way Kepler was assembled was that the telescope itself was sliced into two or three "pieces" which are mated on top of one another (which my current part isn't designed to do nor do I think it would probably be a good idea to do them that way), with the CCD/Spider instrument mounting being sandwiched between two such sections: The problem here is that Kepler is wider at its base, and narrower at the top. That means it would be impossible to remove a telescope instrument and replace it with another after launch as you would not be able to fit the electronics through the top of the telescope as it would be far too narrow. But still, it would be nice to do swappable instruments regardless. I would say though that a Kepler servicing mission would be quite fun, maybe someone could replace the reaction wheels. Although the mission would be quite difficult as Kepler is in a Earth-trailling (solar) orbit, unlike Hubble, which orbits Earth. And regarding other potential instruments that can be swapped, an Earth-observing orbital scope is definitely at the top of my list. OAO already covers ultraviolet, and infrared will could potentiallly be covered in the future as I may or may not do Spitzer.
  4. Brainstorming some ideas for Kepler. I modelled the telescope electronics because I wanted to, but realized it would be a shame to have them as an integrated part with the telescope. I then thought of making it a separate part that needs to be added to the telescope body for the experiment to work. But that might not be too "lego-able". Would anyone be interested in alternate (completely non-historical) telescope electronics part that could be swapped with the historical (exoplanet detecting experiment) telescope electronics inside Kepler to make it have a separate experiment? For example, an alternate telescope instrument part that would give it an Orbital Scope experiment to for an Earth observing telescope, or one that would make Kepler an infrared telescope?
  5. Correct, but I wouldn’t say it’s in Russian, its just the word “Probe” in the Cyrillic alphabet. The running joke is that Tantares (the mod with Russian based parts) uses English, and BDB (US based not) uses the Cyrillic alphabet.
  6. This was specified in the release notes; the new Apollo parts are not ready for release. However, all of the parts in this release were merged into the Apollo dev branch on github.
  7. Definitely! Took long enough to release. Wish I could've gotten Kepler out before the release, but it will likely come in a patch update in the next few weeks.
  8. UPDATE Bluedog Design Bureau v1.9.0 "пробе" v1.9.0 "пробе" New Content and Features - Pioneer 10 and 11 - Extra Pioneer 10/11 derived parts including Pioneer SUAE (Saturn Uranus Atmospheric Entry) and Pioneer Outer Planets Orbiter - Clementine and ISAS - Radio Astronomy Explorer A/B (and Star-17/Star-17A) - Transit 3 and 4 - Transit 5A, 5C, 5O/Oscar, 5BN, 5E, and SOOS (Stacked Oscar on Scout) - Beacon Explorer - SOLRAD 8 - LOFTI - INJUN 1 - POPPY (block 1 and 2) - ANNA 1B - New small probe (0.625m) sized grapple "Klaw" - New Titan 23G/Titan IIIB Structural Adapter Part - Revamped Geiger counter - IVA's for MOL made by Beale - New IVA props by Well and Beale - Revamped Peacekeeper/Athena/Minotaur textures - Revamped Geiger Counter and Solar Battery mesh and texture - New Titan Gemini Decoupler IIIA Variant - Able variant for Thor Boattail - Thermal Control Pinwheel Texture Variant for Pioneer P3 - New Transtage Alternate White Variant for tankage and shroud - New LDC Black Texture Variant and Alternate Blue LDC Texture Variant - Delta IV densified propellant switch in BDB Extras (By Estreetrockets) - Optional patch to replace BDB boiloff with CryoTanks boiloff in BDB extras (by Grimmas) - Add engine ignitor configs for M1, XLR129, RL20 and RS30 - New kerbalized flag for Pioneer 10/11 Plaque Updates and Enhancements - Update bundled B9 Part Switch to 2.19.0 - Update bundled Module Manager to 4.2.1 - Update bundled Waterfall to 0.7.0 - Old Centaur parts deleted from OldParts folder - SOLRAD/GRAB 3 variant for SOLRAD/GRAB 1 - Massive LDC Texture Cleanup - HAPS/Super HAPS Texture Cleanup - Massive Titan Texture Cleanup (spanning titan 2,3, and 4 tankage, engines, transtage, most structural parts, and UA120 Solid Motors) - Titan 23G Second Stage Texture Redone (with ACS slightly upscaled to be more accurate) - Scout Texture Cleanup - New multispectral scan science definition - New cosmic ray telescope science definition - New trapped radiation science definition - Added cosmic ray experiment to OGO PEP Instrument - Added trapped radiation experiment to Pioneer 4 - Added solar wind experiment to Mariner 10 Plasma Instrument - Added UV Spec and Solar X-Ray experiment to WRESAT - Massive science balancing tweaks - Minor antenna balancing - Cargo support for many probes and experiments - Less powerful (realism focused) Scout balancing variants available (optimal for launching Transit missions) - Craft files for the new probes - Titan 23G/IIIB Craft file updated (to reflect new 23G/IIIB structural adapter part) - A few more Titan and Delta craft files - Massive SCANSAT balancing tweaks to accommodate multispectral scanners - Added SCANSAT support to a few more parts - Add (minor) support for KSRSS/RSS in a few science definitions - Add support for SMURFF with RSS (thanks to genehwung) - Add support for Engine Ignitor for BDB 1.8 cryo engines Bug fixes - Minor typos and such - Update Procedural Fairings compatibility patch - Fixes for Atlas surface attach patch in Extras (Thanks to Pappystein) - Fix science transfer issues on MOL labs and Gemini (thanks to birdog357 ) - Minor bugfixes in contracts (thanks to Morphisor) - Add missing entry cost to some parts - LDC Short Interstage Mesh Normals Fix - Titan 2 Upper Stage Raceway Fix - P-11 Subsatellite Node Fix - Real description fixes - Misc tag fixes - Fix Nimbus Early Command Antenna node height DOWNLOAD [GitHub] DOWNLOAD [SpaceDock] Full Release Album (special thanks to those who contributed screenshots) https://imgur.com/a/tRGg3gK Disclaimer: The rocket in the release cover image is of LDC with the revamped textures, not Saturn. Saturn will come in a later update.
  9. Unsure. For the moment probably not. This is because there is no actual case of the triple reaction wheel with Kepler’s reaction wheel. While this reaction wheel was used in other spacecraft (I know Dawn but I can’t recall the others) the most I’ve seen have been in pairs. I believe the triple arrangement came from another spacecraft with a different reaction wheel. To amend my previous statement, the black circular thing is the reaction wheel. As for the gold circular thing on the telescope… I am not quite sure. I know for sure that it’s not a reaction wheel (as those exist elsewhere on the spacecraft). While it does look quite similar to a spiral antenna, I don’t really think it is one. This is because the spacecraft already has a low gain communication system (two bus mounted omni antennas which I haven’t modeled yet) so it wouldn’t make sense to have an additional low gain antenna system. Additionally, IRL I only saw one of those circular things on the telescope, I had to mirror it because of the telescope’s unwrap. If I were to take a guess? I’d probably say it has something to do with the mounting hardware for the sun shield/Schmidt correcter section. The top section of the telescope was mated to the rest of it, and secured using 6 latches(?) (seen in my model). The circular things go over the section on which they’re mated, so it might be related to that? Either way, I just thought it would be a nice greeble to add.
  10. It is actually a reaction wheel. Pretty much the same one that is in Coatl (that part was inspired by this wheel). Will come in a single and a double version.
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