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  1. Hello everyone, a new update is here! Introducing the Columbia rudder variants and an early shuttle delta wing variant. Stay tuned, because in the future this mod might be expanded to include parts in addition to the retextures!
  2. I've been looking forward to this! Can't wait to play around w/ these parts!
  3. I gotta say, every time I check the Tantares forums I will never cease to be surprised and wowed. Really looking forward to these station part revamps!
  4. Smol little part: OSCAR-1! First amateur radio satellite, first piggyback payload, first non-government satellite. OSCAR-1 is certainly a satellite of firsts! A super tiny, extremely primitive radio transmitter. Designed to be launched on the aft engine shroud of the Agena-B. The texture file it uses will later house the KH-8 solar panel textures.
  5. I might be heavily biased for the vintage bluish green, but probably the white or the cream. It would be nice though to have the vintage green and/or other colors in an extras folder or something though.
  6. It’s from coatl as I’m definitely not finished with Pioneer 10/11 yet. I also hate to say it but I’ve been side-tracked with Pioneer 10/11 and have also started working on other parts concurrently with pioneer. However, I think they are a much needed addition to BDB’s set of probes. Since we already have Mariner 1-2 and Mariner 10, it feels weird to have this large gap in interplanetary probes. That’s why I decided doing more Mariner probes would be a fun addition! I plan on doing the Mariner 3-4, 5, and 6-7 type probes. Mariner 8-9 I’m not so sure about. Also doing
  7. Guess you could also say I'm doing Pioneer 12 as well, as that would've been the designation to any pioneer 10/11 follow-on mission (before those were cancelled). One of those missions was the Pioneer Outer Planets Orbiter. It would've added a propulsion module as well as an additional science bay with a line scan imaging system (in place of the micrometeoroid detector). Here's a couple images of it:
  8. Another sneak peak... By now I hope it might be more apparent what the probe I was hinting at doing is. I'm actually modelling it a lot faster than I thought I would.
  9. Yea, it's not the most lego-able thing by design, but I plan to make it as lego-able as possible. All experiments will be separate parts, most parts will have a switch for foil, the main bus will be separate from the experiment section , etc. The only thing that makes the bus less lego-able will be the fact it's propellant tank pokes out of the bus, but sadly that's just how it is irl. Thanks for the compliments though! Although the fact that you say it's "the best KSP level of sculpt of those parts yet" is probably due to the fact that these parts haven't been made for KSP in years to my know
  10. I am a little hesitant of a wrap around solar panel idea, as it would have to be specifically molded around the agena equipment bus making it's reuse applications pretty limited, as well as probably being a part that would need some offset and fiddling to get perfect. One of my issues with the Strawman solar panels were that they are solar panels that are quite specific to the craft and have to be offset in a certain way to be most effective, which I tried the best I could to avoid, but there wasn't too much I could do without straying too far from what the panels were irl. That's why I wanted
  11. At the moment, I do not have any current plans to add any other SIGINT parts. I have considered doing SAMOS (and the SIGINT stuff that comes with it) but I don't have many ref's of it, and if I do ever want to do SAMOS it will probably have to wait for a little while. In terms of other SIGINT stuff, probably the most notable Heavy Ferret spacecraft I can think of that's similar to Strawman is Multigroup. I don't think Multigroup would be very feasible to make with the large fairing bulge that it flew with, so there are no plans for those parts, and I find it unlikely that there ever will be. H
  12. I am not sure if the KH-8 solar panel is actually a warp-around curved panel like that, as most of the references I've seen have shown them flat. Additionally, the single extremely grainy and blurry (sort of irl) pic of the KH-8 solar panels I have seems to also suggest that they are flat. Addtionally, I also do not believe the panel is tracking. However, if you have doc's that mention the specifics of the solar panel, as I also could be totally wrong given the lack of info I can find on them, that would be greatly appreciated. To answer your question though, yes, I do plan on making the KH-8
  13. Yea I’m happy it turned out well. As for agena solar panels... I might make just a couple more that will be a somewhat more generic then Strawman.
  14. Strawman is finished, (apart from the fairing) and is all up on github. For anyone who doesn't know, Strawman was a signals intelligence reconnaissance satellite from the late 60's/early 70's that was agena-based. These strawman parts add a new 0.9375m to 1.25m bus/fairing for the agena, a solar panel designed to fit in the agena aft rack, some sigint experiment parts, and a few antennas. Here are some pics: Some more pics:
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